Target: $0.35 Plum Organic Pouches

Plum Organics

There is a great deal on Plum Organics pouches at Target through March 14th. When you buy any 15 pouches, you get a $5 gift card. Since many of the pouches are on sale and we have several coupons available, you can pick these pouches up for as little as $0.38 each. This is a great time to stock up! I just did it this morning and here’s what I did.

Buy 12 Plum organic pouches (Stage 2 or 3) priced at $1.39
Buy 3 Plum organic pouches (Mighty 4) priced at $1.39
Use 4 “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” printable coupons
Use 2 $1/2 printable coupons
Use 3 $1/1 Mighty 4 coupons
Pay $20.85
Subtract $10.56 in coupons
Get $5 Gift Card
Total of $0.35 a pouch (before tax)

The prices of your pouches may vary. Some pouches were priced at $1.49 and $1.79, but I made sure to choose the lower priced pouches. Also, I based this scenario on the fact that most stores honor only 4 like coupons in one transaction. This is about as low as you will ever be able to find these pouches, so if you need some, now is a great time to stock up!

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Nathan @ 11 Months

It seems that the busy-ness of life has kept me from sharing Nathan’s monthly updates. My apologies! I’ve shared some pictures from our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations so we’ll consider those the glimpses into our life. Still, since Nathan will be turning 1 next month (I can scarcely believe it!), here’s an official 11 month update for you – and for me, as I look back over the past month.

Nathan continues to be a curious and good natured little boy. He’s discovered the pots and pans in our kitchen and loves to “help” me while I cook. It keeps him busy so I don’t mind. He has figured out how to pull out our one low cereal drawer and likes to play with the granola bars and the other empty containers I now keep in there for him.

Nathan helping in the kitchen

In addition to playing with the pans, Nathan likes to unpack everything he can. Our play time consists of him emptying the diaper bag multiple times a day as well as trying to unpack my school bag. I no longer get the toys out for him but simply pull the bin off the shelf and let him take the toys out himself. He has as much fun standing there and taking things out as he does actually playing!

Nathan unpacking the diaper bag

He is a mobile little guy now – constantly on the move. He stands and walks along things but doesn’t yet walk on his own. I think it’s coming sooner than we realize. He also likes to climb up on things and does so regularly to reach whatever he thinks he wants. He is determined and becoming more independent by the day. He’s reached the point where he would rather feed himself than have us feed him. Pumpkin bread is a new favorite! His fine motor skills continue to improve so he can even pick up slippery bananas now. He still only has 2 teeth on the bottom but that doesn’t hold him back from trying anything we are eating!

Nathan loves his pumpkin bread!

It’s been a cold month. Not as much snow as we’ve had in previous years and what snow we do have all seems to come on weekends. We’d like another snow day so Daddy can stay home with us! With negative wind chills many days this month, we’ve had to bundle up to go outside. Nathan does NOT like all the layers! He is fine once we’re out and moving but putting all the warm clothes on? Not a fan.

Cold Weather Tears from Nathan

One of the biggest events of the month is that Nathan got his first hair cut this month. I was sad to see his little curls go but his hair was getting in his eyes already. His morning bedhead was quite the site to behold! Nathan was a trooper for his first hair cut with our friend and hairdresser, Michele. He sat in the chair all by himself and didn’t need me to hold him at all! What a big boy!

Nathan's first haircut

The unfortunate event of the month was that Nathan caught his first stomach virus this month and spent 12 hours one Sunday throwing up every hour or so. No pictures here! Thankfully, it was a short lived bug with nothing more serious. It took a bit for his appetite to come back so we ate lots of applesauce and graham crackers that week. Nathan will always eat graham crackers!

We had a nice and simple Valentine’s Day at home. Nathan enjoyed getting Valentines in the mail from both sets of his grandparents. He especially liked the little ones that Grandpa Barz had sent for him. They are in his toy box now and he still likes to get them out and turn them over and over in his hands.

Nathan looking at his Valentines

Nathan has started having some seperation anxiety. There are days when he wants me to hold him and days when he doesn’t want me to leave his sight. Once I’m gone, he’s fine. I’ve started leaving him in the nursery during MOPS and the ladies say he is quite the charmer and Mr. Social Butterfly. He wants to see what all the other babies are doing. That’s my friendly little guy!

Nathan likes to laugh and copies us. He waves and claps his hands anytime we say, “Yay!” He likes to read nursery rhyme books and lift the flaps in flap books. He says “Mama” and “Dada”. Mama definitely is directed to me so we’re counting that as his first official word. Dada still means a lot of things, but he does say it when he sees Andy come through the door. When we tell him to wave, Nathan promptly waves at whomever he can. He knows what “Bye Bye” means and doesn’t like to see me leave. Thankfully, I don’t have to leave him most days! 11 months old and he continues to grow so quickly.

My handsome little Nathan at 11 months after his haircut

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Free Subscription to Family Fun

Family Fun

Request a free subscription to Family Fun Magazine, compliments of Value Mags. I have ordered countless magazines from them and can confidently vouch for the fact that you will never receive a bill.

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Amazon: Sale on Cart Covers

I’m sharing this for all the other new(er) moms out there. I used to see these and think how silly (and yes, non frugal) it was…until I had a baby who wanted to ride in the cart and I realized how many germs were on that cart. I quickly bought a cart cover and am so glad I did. Nathan loves riding in the front and I don’t have to worry about what his hands (or mouth!) touches. I bought this Infantino Cart Cover (in numbers) and love it! It’s big enough that it stretches to cover all the carts – even those at Target and Sam’s. Plus, I can use it on the high chairs when we eat out at restaraunts. I highly recommend this product – especially since the Infantino Jungle Cart Cover is on sale today for $17.32. Normally, $24 (or more), it’s a good time to purchase a cart cover if you’re looking for one. This might be my new baby shower gift from now on!

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Fringe Hours Newsletter & Shutterfly Gift

Fringe Hours Shutterfly

I know you have already picked up on how much I loved Jessica Turner’s new book, The Fringe Hours. Now, I’m excited to announce that she’s developed a FREE monthly newsletter about using your Fringe Hours. Plus, when you sign up right now, you will get a free mystery gift from Shutterfly. Simply sign up for Jessica’s newsletter here and your Shutterfly gift code will be emailed to you within the week.

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Free Ebook: 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup

Google Play is currently offering a free digital ebook of 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup. Did you see this emotional movie? You will have to enter a valid credit card number or pay pal account but you will not be charged since the book is currently free to download. You can then read it on your tablet or computer.

Thanks, Hip 2 Save!

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Meijer Mperks: Free Yogurt Offers

Meijer Free Yogurts

I was just preparing my Meijer grocery list and noticed in my Mperks account 5 FREE yogurt offers on new Bonza squeeze yogurts and Yulu Aussie yogurt. I’m going to see if I can find them at our Fort Wayne Meijer. The coupons are good until March 17th so hurry and clip yours! Simply log into your Meijer Mperks account and search under “Dairy” category to find the coupons. Let me know if you find this yogurt at your Meijer!

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New Coupons for March

$1.00 off THREE Old El Paso Refried Beans
$1.00 off any TWO BOXES Cheerios™ cereals listed
$1.00 off any four Old Orchard frozen concentrates

A new month means new coupons to print! There are many coupons available to print at The Old Orchard coupon is one of my favorites! Thanks to everyone who prints coupons at by starting through my site. I get a small amount every day you do so, and I greatly appreciate it!

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Olive Garden $5 Lunch Coupon

Olive Garden

Through March 6th, Olive Garden is offering their popular Soup, Salad and Breadstick Lunch for only $5. Go here to print your coupon. If you’re planning on eating at Olive Garden soon, this is a great deal! I do love their breadsticks.

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Frugal in Fort Wayne: 3/1 – 3/7

Frugal in Fort Wayne - Top 5 Deals of the Week at Joyfully Thriving

It’s a new month for our grocery budgets! Let’s start off with some of the best deals so we can save our families some money. This week, the sales are best at Kroger. It’s a short and simple list – no coupons required for these sale prices. Here are the top 5 deals at Kroger.

1. Butter (1 lb) at $1.99

2. Whole pineapple at $0.99

3. Del Monte canned vegetables at $0.60

4. Kroger beans at $0.60

5. Kroger peanut butter at $1.49

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