Final Shopping Trip of August

Meijer - 8/25/15 - $3.77

Well, this week was easier than I expected not to grocery shop. I had forgotten that this was the week my teacher takes his 8th grade students away to outdoor education at a nearby Lutheran camp. While Nathan and I missed him, that was 3 days of meals I didn’t have to cook for him!… Read More →

Friday Freebies on August 28

Friday Freebies Featuring Free Ebooks on Joyfully Thriving

It’s been a cool week here in Indiana which means we’ve been able to have the windows open at last instead of running the air conditioning. The other perk of cool weather is that it makes me ready to curl up with a blanket and a good book. So, here are some new possibilities for… Read More →

Best Rhyming Books for Babies & Toddlers

15 of the Best Rhyming Books for Babies & Toddlers Square

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more in my disclosure policy. Thank you for supporting Joyfully Thriving! As a book-lover, early childhood educator and a mom, I am passionate about early literacy. I firmly believe reading aloud to our children is one of the greatest things we can do for them. Not only… Read More →

3 Little Known Ways to Save Big on Amazon

3 Little Known Ways to Save Big on Amazon Square

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more in my disclosure policy.  Do you shop on Amazon? Who am I kidding? In this day and age, almost all of us do! Amazon is incredibly convenient and has competitive prices. I know that as a busy mom, I appreciate the opportunity to shop on… Read More →

More Produce Shopping in August

Meijer - 8/17/15 - $31.29

We’re still continuing to eat lots of fresh produce so it was time to restock our fridge once again! There were some good sales on meat so I bought some more chicken and yes, steak. As I told my husband, it would be easier to stay under budget if I didn’t stockpile the good deals… Read More →

Friday Freebies on August 21

Friday Freebies - Featuring Free Ebooks at Joyfully Thriving

Even though I’m not teaching this year, I’m still excited for Fridays because it means my husband will be home for the weekend with us! I resumed teaching piano lessons this week so I’m settling into my new weekly routines as well. That’s another reason I’m glad for the weekend break! Thanks again to Shelly… Read More →

Introducing the New Weekly Newsletter

Introducing the new weekly newsletter

I’m so excited to introduce a new feature here at Joyfully Thriving. Well, it’s an additional feature. It’s the new weekly edition of the Joyfully Thriving newsletter! Let me tell you a bit about what I’ve been doing and why I’m making this change. Until now, people who signed up for my newsletter received an… Read More →

20 Foods to Freeze to Save Money

20 Foods to Freeze Square

One of my favorite wedding gifts was an unusual one. It was the upright freezer that my parents and siblings gave to us. I absolutely love our freezer! Having an extra freezer in the basement saves us so much money because it allows me to shop the sales and stockpile perishables. Is meat on sale?… Read More →

Caramel Morsel Bars

Caramel Morsel Bars Square

I love chocolate. If I have to pick a favorite dessert or treat, chocolate wins almost every time. Unless we’re choosing ice cream flavors, where I surprisingly pick vanilla. Due to my love of chocolate, I have quite the collection of chocolate desserts and treats. Caramel morsel bars are one of those chocolate recipes that… Read More →

$41 to Restock on Produce & a Menu

Meijer - $28.17 - 8/10/15

After starting my month with one of my highest shopping trips ever last week, I was determined to watch my budget more carefully. That said, I did have a lot of produce on my list so headed to a couple stores. I went to Meijer for the bulk of our produce. I find their prices… Read More →