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We all have to eat, don’t we? That’s how I’ll explain the fact that I share links about food so often! :-) Here are a couple of the new recipes / food articles that I recently found interesting.

Edie wrote about her well-stocked pantry. I try to keep mine stopped but I hoard chocolate chips more than chicken stock. Read the article and you’ll see what I mean. I also like Edie’s big glass jars for flours and sugars.

I want to try Ruth’s recipe for easy tomato parmesan chicken. I love parmesan chicken so like the idea of making a recipe with these delicious flavors in the slow cooker. Plus, I have lots of homemade tomato sauce in my freezer right now!

The Brown Eyed Baker shared her diy recipe for homemade ranch seasoning. I like the idea that I could mix up the seasoning ahead of time before making my dressing.

I want to make Ree’s browned butter M&M cookies. Or maybe I’ll make her chocolate chunk cookies first. Both have the interesting step of browning butter. I’ve never made a cookie like that. Have you?

Wise Bread had two interesting articles that made me think. Read 10 foods with the most bang for your buck and 18 pantry foods that keep longer than you think. Do you have some of these items in your kitchen?

Finally, I want to make Frugal Girl Kristen’s Grandma’s cinnamon rolls mainly because of how they twist. Don’t they look delicious?

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Five Free Bar-S Products

Bar-S Products

Here’s an impressive freebie! Through November 1st, Bar-S is offering a full rebate on 5 of their meat products. Purchase any (or all) of the five products pictured and you will receive a full rebate on each product (up to $4.50 each). You can view the full details of this promotion at the Bar-S site. It makes me wish (once again) that I didn’t have a PO Box address so I could get rebates. Oh well. I hope those of you who can take advantage of this offer!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

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$1/1 Suave Coupon


Hurry and print this new $1/1 any Suave product coupon. Look for the “get coupon” box. You can find Suave shampoo and conditioner regularly priced below $1 at Walmart and Target. Kroger, Walgreens and other stores put Suave hair products on sale. This coupon means free shampoo and conditioner so print it while you can – and remember to hit the back arrow to print the coupon twice.

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Kroger: Free Breakfast Pot Pie

Free pot pie

Today’s Friday Freebie from Kroger is one of Marie Callender’s new breakfast pot pies. Load the digital coupon to your account today and redeem it before October 4.

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Shopping at Meijer & Baby Food Mark-Downs

On Monday, it was a cool and rainy day.I wanted to do some baking but was all out of margarine. After Nathan woke up from his early morning nap, we headed out to go grocery shopping at Meijer. There were two different promotions that made up most of my list – the 10 for $10, and the Kraft $8 off 8 items. Here’s what I bought.

Meijer - 9/15/14 - $27.50

Imperial margarine (my reason for shopping) was on sale for $0.69. For the Kraft promotion, I bought Crystal Light ($0.99 a container) and Kraft Mayo ($1.99). I also bought 5 blocks of Kraft cheese at $1.89 a block.  Everything else you see was part of the 10 for $10 promotion. I bought 11 items so each item was really only $0.90. Plus, I stacked several coupons. They were out of plain bugles but I bought some cheese ones for $0.65 a bag. Barilla pasta cost me only $0.40 a box, because I had stumbled across a $1/2 printable coupon in a contest earlier. I wasn’t planning on buying all of the 2 liters, but there was a $1/4 coupon attached to one of the Coke bottles. I bought the 2 liters for $0.65 a bottle.

Finally, I found the one of the Meijer baby foods clearanced to $0.81. I picked up one of those 2 packs. Then, I went across the road to pick up some pictures at Walmart and found some of their Beech Nut Goya baby food clearanced down to a quarter. I picked up 6 jars at $0.25 each, and a pouch at $0.50. Should I have bought more at that price, I wonder? I bought some mango and some carrots & peas. We haven’t started solid foods yet, but plan to start soon. I’m planning on making most of Nathan’s baby food but am realistic that when we’re out and about, the jar food is much more convenient. For that reason, I’m starting to watch sales. At Meijer (and at Walmart), I spent $27.50 for everything pictured.

The next day, I stopped by Walmart again (Shocking, twice in one week? Very rare for me!) to pick up some pictures. While I was there, I picked up powdered sugar and some more baby food. I decided that since I was already there, I’d buy some more. I spent $4.94. I also stopped by Target to pick up that great deal on marked down diapers. I bought 3 boxes of diapers for $31 – but I had gift cards left from showers so I didn’t pay anything out of pocket for those diapers. That made the good deal a great one for me! I still would have bought the diapers even without the gift cards because it was a good deal. I also picked up two containers of Hungry Jack syrup for $1.25 a bottle at Target. That means I spent $2.50 at Target.

Walmart & Target - 9/16/14

My total for the week was $34.94. That brings my shopping total for September to $136.86. That leaves me with $43 to spend for the rest of the month. Did you find any mark down deals this week?

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Recyclebank: 25

Quickly earn 25 more points to add to your Recyclebank by clicking on the image above. You can redeem your Recyclebank points for magazine subscriptions, coupons and even gift cards! I highly encourage you to start collecting Recyclebank points now because you’ll be amazed how quickly those can add up.

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Restocking My Wardrobe with Twice

Restocking My Wardrobe with Twice - a Great Bargain Shopping Trip

It was time. After having a baby, my wardrobe needed an update. I don’t buy new clothes very often and after losing the baby weight, I really wanted to update my closet. My life has dramatically changed with staying home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look cute doing so. I’d been meaning to buy new clothes for some time, but shopping with a baby isn’t easy. Plus, I still wanted to find good bargains. It was Andrea who finally gave me the motivation to go and buy some new clothes.

I decided to shop online at Twice . Twice is an online, upscale thrift store. It has reasonable prices on name brand clothing – Gap, Limited, New York & Company, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Express and Banana Republic, just to name a few. I thought their prices really reasonable, starting at $7.95 for a lot of the tops. Plus, the deciding factor was that just for signing up, I got a $10 credit to spend at Twice. Everyone who signs up gets a free $10 to spend right away! And for everyone who signs up through your link, you get an additional $10 to spend. Somehow my referral link got spread around online (thank you to whomever shared my link) so I already had some credit to spend, too.

I had read about Andrea’s new wardrobe and then later that week, happened to see that when you liked the Twice Facebook page, you got 50% off your first order. Here was my logic. I needed a new wardrobe. I had money to spend. There was a great coupon code. Plus, when you spent over $50, you got free shopping. So, shopping online at Twice I went!

Before I started, I thought about what I wore and what I wanted to wear. I knew I wanted comfortable tops that were plain and could be worn with my jeans or my black pants. I wanted tops that would look nice whether I’m at home with Nathan, running errands or out on a date night with Andy. I have plenty of teacher clothes but now I need SAHM clothes. What a nice “problem” to have! I decided I’d shop mainly for some new casual tops that were comfortable but with a little something unique about them. I also decided to check dresses, just because dresses are always hard to find!

What I love about Twice is how easily you can search. I started by searching under tops. Then, I selected both the small size and the small petite size. Next, I selected short sleeve or three-quarter length. I don’t like long sleeves because they are often too long and cover my hands. Finally, I selected blues and reds, because those are the colors I find myself wearing most because I’ve learned those are the colors I look best in. That narrowed down the search quite a bit. I added in grey later. Finally, because I like a bargain, I sorted my results from prices lowest to highest. Why pay more for a top if I like the cheaper ones just as much? From my results, I selected tops from the Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Uniqlo, Style & Company, New York & Company, and the Limited. See what I mean? Everything is truly name brand.  Here are the items I selected.

My First Twice Purchases

Cute, aren’t they? I think so and was very excited to try everything on. Sorry I don’t have pictures of me wearing them all yet. Nathan admired my new clothes, but can’t work a camera yet! :-) I ordered 12 items from Twice, but 3 of the items (2 tops and 1 dress) didn’t fit me very well. I wasn’t worried. Twice has free return shipping and offers you full credit back for any items returned within 30 days. That made ordering even simpler because I didn’t have to worry that I would be stuck with any items that didn’t fit / look good.

Just so you can see how good of a deal I got – and because I love good deals, here are my totals. The original value of these name brand clothes (according to Twice) was $369.29. The price at Twice was $107.55. Most of the tops were priced at $7.95 or 8.95. Thanks to the 50% off my first order coupon, I spent $53.78 for these 9 new pieces of clothing! If I had shopped in one of those stores, I would have only been able to get 2 new tops for that same price!

My order arrived in 2 days and all the clothes were in excellent condition. None of them looked worn at all. Plus, I did all my shopping from the comfort of my home. I am amazed at how easy it was to shop at Twice and will definitely be shopping there more in the future!

I love my updated wardrobe so much! If you’re looking for some new clothes, I highly encourage you to check out Twice . If you want to sign up through my referral link here, you and I will both get $10 to spend on clothes. Then, be sure to share your referral link to get more credit, too! I’d recommend liking the Twice Facebook page to get an additional 50% off your first order. For me, as soon as I liked the page, I had 12 hours to shop and get the 50% off so be sure you’re ready to shop!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have fun shopping in a frugal and fun fashion!

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Hot Deal on Target Up & Up Diapers

Target Up & Up Diapers

There is currently a good deal running at Target on their diapers this week. Here’s the scoop – because I just did it yesterday to see how it worked.

Target Up & Up diapers are currently marked down 15%. The big boxes that are normally $16.99 are now $14.44. There is a promotion that when you spend $40 on ANY Up & Up products (including clearance), you can get $10 off your purchase. Plus, there is a Cartwheel coupon for 5% off Up & Up diapers. All of this together, makes for a great deal.

When all was said and done, I picked up 3 boxes of diapers – 274 diapers – for only $31.13! That is 8.8 cents a diaper – under my 10 cent stock-up price. This is how and why I’ve been able to stockpile so many diapers at such a low cost! Plus, I had some Target gift cards so I was actually able to pick up all the diapers without any money out of pocket. The lower in sizes you buy, the better deal this is. I bought ahead and bought 2 boxes of size 3 (96 diapers each) and 1 box of size 4 (82 diapers).

Again, here’s what to do. Buy 3 boxes of Up & Up diapers marked down to $14.44. Use the printable $10 off $40 coupon. Also, use the 5% Carthweel coupon. The $14.44 boxes ($13.71 after the 5% off) comes to $41.13 for 3 boxes of diapers. After the $10 coupon, you’ll pay $31.13. This deal is good through the rest of the week, and yes, you could do it twice if your print the $10 coupon twice. Go ahead and stock-up while you are able!


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Free DVD from Izzit

Pups of Liberty

If you are a teacher (or home schooler), you can request a free dvd from Izzit. It is completely free – no strings attached. Plus, you can request a new free dvd each school year! Last year, I requested In the Classroom with David Robinson. I just requested Pups of Liberty as my choice for this year. It tells the story of the Boston Tea Party with cats and dogs. Teachers, sign up for Izzit and request your free dvd today.

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With Every Breath Review

I just finished another great book by Elizabeth Camden! Yes, my reading has slowed down a bit since having a baby, but I am trying to make it more of a priority again. I was excited to receive Elizabeth Camden’s latest book and read it on our family drive out to Nebraska.

With Every Breath is set in 1891 in Washington DC. It is the story of Kate Livingston, a widowed researcher. She reluctantly agrees to help a former classmate, now Harvard-trained physician, in his work to find a cure for tuberculosis. Trevor and Kate were always competitive and that has not changed as they aged. Working together, they channel their determination into tuberculosis research. As they make progress in their research, someone begins to sabatoge their hard work. Trevor and Kate have to decide what is worth the risk – in their research, and in their lives.

I found With Every Breath very well written, as are all of Elizabeth Camden’s books. I also found the tuberculosis research fascinating. It was shocking what doctors tried in their search for a cure. I didn’t know much about it until this book. It’s another reason I love historical fiction. I get to read a good story and learn something along the way! I highly recommend that you read With Every Breath for yourself.

Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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