7 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

7 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies Square

As a teacher and frugal shopper, school supply shopping is one of my favorite times of year. I love finding great deals that help me get ready for the upcoming year. I still remember the excitement of being a student and picking out the color of notebooks I wanted for the year. No, we never purchased the… Read More →

Baby Steps to Financial Freedom

Budgets are tricky but here's how we're using Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to make progress, even on our tight budget!

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more in my disclosure policy.  Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey? I’ve found that most people today have heard of “The Total Money Makeover” guy. In case you’re not, Dave Ramsey is a financial expert who once lost everything and then worked his way out of… Read More →

Summer Update & Survey Results

Nathan - traveling in the car

The results from my very first Joyfully Thriving reader survey are in! Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond and share your feedback with me. Some of you may remember that I’m in the midst of a blogging class called Elite Blog Academy. It’s stretched and challenged me more than I expected… Read More →

8 Things I Choose to Spend Money On

Living with a budget means we get to choose where to spend our money. Here are a couple things I choose to spend money on. What's on your list?

We all know that living frugally is hard work and it looks different to all of us. That’s actually good because when it comes to money, we all have different priorities. In its simplest form, that is exactly what a budget is. A budget allows us to tell our money where to go. Within our budget,… Read More →

Summer Plans and Goals

A Stroller Walk

Summer is in full swing at the Whirrett household! As I looked ahead to this summer, I realized it’s going to be a busy summer. We already have several fun things on our calendar and I’ve added quite a few projects I want to accomplish. To be fair, my husband has added several projects as… Read More →

How to Use Everyday Objects to Engage Your Baby in Play

If you're looking for simple ways to use everyday objects to engage your baby in play, this article has some great ideas! It's written by an early childhood teacher & mom, too!

For 10 years before I became a Mom, I was an early childhood teacher. I taught Preschool and Kindergarten and loved it. One of my favorite parts was watching the children play and seeing how well they learned through play. Not only that, but I loved engaging the children in play because I believe in the… Read More →

How the Past Year Made Me a Morning Person

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more in my disclosure policy. Thanks for supporting Joyfully Thriving! Until last year, I never realized that I was a morning person. Maybe I wasn’t always a morning person but everything changed this past year. You see, my son was born last March and his arrival… Read More →

Summer Reading Programs 2015

Summer reading Program

One of my favorite parts of summer has always been the extra time to curl up with a good book. I love books and I’m determined to install that love of reading in my son! Thankfully, my teacher husband agrees in the importance of early literacy. Summer also brings with it the return of summer… Read More →

Turning Around a Rough Day

A Tired Boy on His Bike

Oh my. Nathan and I had quite the day on Friday. It started out just fine. We were at home for the day which is always nice. I had agreed to baby-sit a teacher’s son for the morning and he played with Nathan very nicely. Well, as nicely as a 1 and 2 year old… Read More →

My Plans for a Solo-Parenting Week

Nathan in the Dandelions

My husband left last night for a week in Washington DC with his 8th graders. Andy loves teaching history and loves this trip. He’s so good at what he does – and inspiring a love of our country in his students. While he’s gone, that leaves Nathan and I on our own until Friday. It’s… Read More →