Shopping in the Dark – Literally

I had an interesting shopping experience this week when a large thunderstorm knocked out the lights at my local Meijer. I was actually home when the storm came through and then went up to school for Preschool Parent’s Night. Since Andy had Nathan at home, I had planned to shop at Meijer after. When I got off the exit, I noticed the stop lights weren’t working. Then, I noticed that all the lights of surrounding businesses were off. People were still walking in and out of Meijer with grocery carts so I decided to check it out. I walked in and all the emergency lights were on, but I asked the greeter right away if the registers were still working. She said they were all on so I decided shop.

It was kind of peaceful to shop in the dark. The aisles weren’t as crowded and it was much quieter. Granted, all the meat coolers were covered with thermal blankets but the frozen aisles with doors were still plenty cool – and accessible. Here’s what I bought while shopping in the dark.

Meijer - 8/19/14 - $30.43

It was another 10 for 10 sale that resulted in almost all of my purchases. My best deal was on the pizza, which after the sale and coupons, for which I paid $0.65 a box. I keep these in the freezer for late night snacks when there are high school boys staying over after a late night game. The chex mix (they were out of bugles, sadly) and 7-up cost me $0.40 each. I stocked up on more frozen vegetables at $0.90 a bag, especially since the corn is still in the 16 ounce bag. Has anyone else noticed that packages continue to shrink even as prices rise?

The ravioli was on sale for $3 and I plan to use that for an upcoming meal or two on the nights I’m teaching. I bought some more Anaheim peppers to can in salsa and needed more nursing pads, too. It’s the first time I’ve had to buy them since I received so many as shower gifts!

At Meijer, I spent $30.43.

I also shopped at Kroger earlier that day – before the rain so no power glitches there! Here’s what I bought at Kroger.

Kroger - 8/19/14 - $22.91

Kroger had some great digital coupons this week. I was most excited to stock up on peanut butter again – name brand, Peter Pan at $1.49 a jar. I’m planning ahead to make buckeyes! The Ruffles potato chips were $1.99 a bag and the crescent rolls $1.50. I used paper coupons for the Lean pockets and got them for $1 a box – or $0.50 a sandwich. I like having these in the freezer for a quick lunch on my two teaching days. Clementines were $3.99 for a 3 pound bag so I picked that up for fresh fruit this week.

I also picked up several free items! Nutella was free, thanks to a mailed coupon that I received a while back. The cake mix and two yogurts were all free, thanks to Kroger digital coupons. I love getting free things!

At Kroger, I spent $22.91.

Finally, I did a walking shopping trip earlier in the week as I was canning my first batches of salsa. We grow the tomatoes but I was out of onions so Nathan and I picked up some more at Save-a-Lot. We were also fortunate to find fresh jalapenos, locally and Amish grown, for only $0.10 each. Here’s what else we bought.

Save a Lot - 8/17/14 - $10.53

Since we were already there for the onions ($1.49) and jalapenos, we picked up a couple other things for the pantry. I was almost out of cocoa – and am shocked at how much these prices have gone up! It was cheaper here than other stores I’ve looked at. Sour cream and American cheese (only $0.99) for creamed corn. Finally, Imperial was still on sale for $0.69. At Save-a-Lot, I spent $10.53.

Andy also stopped by Kroger to pick up more tortilla chips so he could take some fresh salsa to share with his teachers. There was another $5 spent on tortilla chips, but the salsa was enjoyed and appreciated so that is good!

This week, I spent $68.87 on groceries. This brings my total for August to $131.55, which means I have $49 remaining to spend in the final week. I am hoping for good meat sales with Labor Day around the corner because my freezer is quite empty of meat. I hope your shopping trips went smoothly this week!

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Top 5 Deals: 8/17 – 8/23

Top 5 Deals of the Week Button

This week, the best deals to be found are at Meijer. Meijer is running another one of their “Buy 10 at $10, Get the 11th for Free.” This means, if you can keep count, each of your items are really costing you $0.90. I look at it this way because it seems a better bargain to me so I don’t have to figure out which item is free! Plus, our Meijer in Fort Wayne is running the Box Tops promotion where when you buy any 10 Box Top items, you get a bonus 60! I love this promotion because it means $6 free dollars for our school! The only glitch is that you can only get one bonus per transaction so if you have 20 items, be sure to ring them up in separate transactions. Using this sale, here are 5 great deals for you.

1. Totinos pizza at $1 (Box Top item)
Use $1/4 printable coupon
Final price: $0.65 each after sale and coupon

2. Chex Mix or Bugles at $1 (Box Top item)
Use $0.50/2 printable coupon
Final price: $0.65 each after sale and coupon

3. Meijer frozen vegetables at $1
Final price: $0.90 after sale

4. Raspberries (6 ounces) at $1
Final price: $0.90 after sale

5. Earthbound organic baby carrots at $1
Final price: $0.90 after sale

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