Mars Instant Win for Free Chocolate

Free Chocolate


Mars Chocolate is now hosting the M&M Instant Win Game. You can play daily from now until April 27th for your chance to win 1 of 80,000 prizes, including coupons for free chocolate! Register once and it’s easy to play again daily after that. Also, each person can win up to two prizes.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Following Your Heart

Following Your Heart

Ponder this today. Are you following your heart? Am I? I know I want to live my own life – and my own dream. Let’s resolve to do that. Shall we?

A Newsletter Switch

New Newsletter Format

Those of you who are newsletter subscribers may have noticed a change this weekend! You may have received a day or two or multiple emails, but as of tomorrow, it should be back to one email in the more attractive format as shown above.

If you are not an email subscriber, it is easy to become one by signing up here. When you sign up for emails, I will send you an email on the days when something new is published on my website. If nothing has been published, no email for that day! If multiple articles are published in a 24 span, you will receive all of those articles, in their entirety, via email. You can still click on any of the links, click through to leave a comment on my site, and easily pin the articles to Pinterest, too. I’ve found that the email format is particularly helpful for those who want to stay updated with my website but don’t always remember (and / or have time) to click through to my site.

If you’d like to become an email subscriber for all I share at Joyfully Thriving, you can quickly sign up here. The sign-up form is also located in my sidebar on my home page for anyone who visits my site. I hope this new format of the newsletter is even more helpful to all of you! And if you have any questions, as always, feel free to ask!

Sunday Coupon Preview 1/12/14

This Sunday, we should receive two coupon inserts in our paper. Some of the coupon highlights I see include…

  • Gain $.50/1 detergent or fabric enhancer (2/28)
  • Old Spice $1/1 anti-perspirant or deodorant (2/28)
  • Superpretzel $.50/1 product (2/28)
  • Secret $1/1 outlast, scent expressions or destinations (2/28)
  • Bird’s Eye $1/1 recipe ready frozen vegetables (3/9)
  • Campbell’s $.50/5 condensed chicken noodle, tomato or cream of mushroom soups (3/15)
  • Kleenex $.50/3 boxes 50ct+ or 1 bundle pack (2/8)
  • Scott $1/2 1000 tissue 8pk+ or 1 16pk+ (2/22)

You can view the full list of coupons at Sunday Coupon Preview.

Top 10 Posts from Joyfully Thriving in 2013

As we say good-bye to 2013 tonight and welcome 2014 tomorrow, I thought it would fun to see what were the most popular posts on my website this year. It’s been fun to watch some of my links get pinned so actively on Pinterest. Thank you to everyone who has pinned content from my website! I greatly appreciate it. Now, without further ado, here are the top 10 articles from Joyfully Thriving this year.

10. Simple Cream Cheese Mints really are simple and so delicious! I love how you can customize them with colors, flavors or shapes for any occasion.

Simple and Delicious Cream Cheese Mints - Joyfully Thriving

9. I love making Apple Pie Kits for the Freezer and I’m excited to hear that many of you have tried this technique as well. It really is a great time saver and a simple way to have fresh pie whenever the mood strikes.

Apple Pie Kits for the Freezer - Joyfully Thriving

8. A lot of people were interested in 5 Easy Ways I’m Making Money This Year. Bing remains my favorite strategy on the list because it a quick and guaranteed way to earn at least $5 a month for my Amazon shopping come Christmas time.

5 Ways to Make Money

7. How to Save Time and Money by Cooking Chicken in the Slow Cooker has completely changed my life – and shopping. We eat a lot of chicken and this strategy is invaluable.

Chicken in the Slow Cooker

6. Speaking of chicken, my freezer recipe for Chicken Enchiladas was very popular this year. It’s delicious and one of the highlights of my freezer cooking series.

Chicken Enchiladas - Joyfully Thriving

5. I combined my love of freezer cooking and the crockpot when I shared How to Make Applesauce in the Crock Pot. Again, it’s simple and delicious. If you find a great deal on apples, store this idea away!

Crock Pot Applesauce - Joyfully Thriving

4. 10 Items to Stockpile in a Pantry received a lot of attention as well. This list still holds true for me, although diapers have been added to my stockpiling list.

10 Items to Stockpile

3. The most popular recipe in my freezer cooking series was for Basic Freezer Meatballs. Like the title says, it’s a basic recipe that you can use in a wide variety of recipes.

A basic meatball recipe for your freezer cooking - Lots of flexibility for future recipes with this one!

2. One of my favorite gifts to give and receive is this Biblical Version of Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Whether you give it to your own children or a godchild, it’s sure to be a treasured gift.

Biblical Version of Oh, the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss

1. My most popular article of the year was actually one that I wrote last year with my recipe for The Classic Buckeye. If you have time and patience, follow this recipe to make beautiful buckeyes!

How to Make Buckeyes

There you have it. Those are the 10 most read articles of the year. I’m curious to know which one of this is your favorite? Or do you have another favorite that didn’t make this top ten list? And here’s to a new year of new posts!

Purex UltraPacks Giveaway Winners

Purex Plus Oxi


Thanks, everyone! This was my largest giveaway yet. Judging by the number of comments, we all need help with our laundry – and what better help than to receive some free? The three winners who will be receive coupons to try the new Purex UltraPacks (as chosen by are comments 17, 12 and 18. Congratulations to Bethany, Anna, and Mrs. Rod Jackson! Look for an email for me requesting your address so I can get your coupons in the mail.

One More Day to Enter Purex Giveaway

Purex Plus Oxi


I want to remind everyone that there is one day left to enter my latest Purex UltraPacks with Oxi giveaway. If you are interested in winning a free product coupon, please leave a comment on my original Purex post here.

Coupons Ending in the Next Week

$1.00 off ONE Luvs Diapers

Here are some of the coupons that will be ending in the next seven days. Hopefully, some (or many) of them will return, but for now, print while they are still available!

Purex UltraPacks Review and Giveaway

Purex Plus Oxi

Update: This giveaway is now closed. 

It’s time for another Purex review and giveaway…because I recently received a new Purex product to try. This really is one of my favorite parts of being a Purex Insider. I love trying their new products – and this latest may be my favorite Purex product yet!

Purex has long prided themselves on quality laundry products at low prices. Now, Purex has developed a concentrated stain removing product with Oxi-Clean power in UltraPack convience! It’s the new Purex UltraPacks with Oxi.

I have to admit that I don’t often buy the packs of products. They are a higher cost than regular detergent. However, when I have the occasion to use them (such as for this review), I do enjoy the convenience. It’s one less step that I have to do with the laundry and that is always appreciated. Plus, these little packs really cleaned a big load of our clothes. It was clear that there was Oxi in this detergent, because our colors and whites were nice, clean and smelled fresh.

Since I enjoyed using the new Purex UltraPacks with Oxi so much, I have three coupons to giveaway to three of my readers to try this new product. Each coupon is for a completely free pack of new Purex UltraPacks ($6 Value).

To enter this latest Purex giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. Tell me the toughest stain you deal with, or simply tell me if you want to try this new product! This giveaway will be open until Friday evening around 5. I will select three winners using Good luck to everyone!

I am a Purex Insider. While I did receive a complimentary sample product from the Purex brand, my opinions are my own. This giveaway is sponsored by coupons I received as part of my participation with Purex Insiders.

Purex Dryer Sheets Winners

Purex Dryer Sheets

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Purex giveaway! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one reusing dryer sheets. :-) Congratulations to Bethany, Jolene and Anna! selected you as the winners on this giveaway. Look for your Purex coupons in the mail!

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