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As a new Mom, I am learning to freely listen to advice – and do what works best for us. I’ve already had to stop reading some of the books and the facebook pages of well-intentioned Moms because what works for some, doesn’t work for others. Each baby (and Mom…and family) is unique, just as God created them. Still, I have been encouraged by some of the following links. Hopefully these links will encourage you – whatever stage of parenting (and life) you may find yourself living.

Mandi wrote so honestly about pumping and bottles, formula and shame. Nathan took formula in the NICU and in the beginning as we transitioned him to breastfeeding. While I pump and Nathan does take bottles while I teach, he is now a solidly breastfed baby – who can take formula in a pinch. My feelings on this topic have changed greatly since having a baby of my own because I never thought I’d use formula but it doesn’t faze me now. Through it all I’ve learned how important it is to give grace to fellow Moms. Mandi reminded me of this again.

Tim Elmore shared a positive shift among parents today. Every generation parents differently because of how they were raised and how they believe best. I was pleased to hear about this study saying that current Moms are ditching the helicopter style of previous parents and having larger families. What do you think? Is it true?

Young House Love told about blankets, bears and baby feet. They had a new baby a couple months ago and shared how they took Teddy’s adorable baby pictures.

I loved, loved, loved this post from Lisa-Jo that the parenting books were wrong (and other good news for Moms). There is no mathematics of motherhood. All Moms need to read this. Actually, I think Lisa-Jo should be required reading for all Moms! Check out her book Surprised by Motherhood. It’s incredible!

A short but important note from Crystal on ponytails, sweatshirts and a mother’s love. May we all remember this!

Ruth wrote about Mommy’s little helper and reminded me not to let perfect get in the way of better. Thinking back, I’m sure there were many times my Mom wanted to redo what we have done, but she didn’t. I need to remember this as Nathan grows older.

Finally, take a look at this article that questions can you grow your family on a shrinking income? We are proof that you can do this, but it’s nice to be encouraged by others who share that they are doing it, too!

I hope you encouraged in your parenting journey! Let’s remember to extend grace to one another.

Links I Love from Andrea

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Andrea is one blogger I have been following since I began blogging. Her popularity has grown by leaps and bounds while mine grows by inches and small steps. That’s okay, though. I enjoy Andrea because her down-to-earth approach is so similar to mine. If we lived closer than Michigan and Indiana, I have a feeling we’d be good friends. :-) Especially since we have baby boys that are only a month apart! I’ve shared lots of her posts before but here are some more of her posts that I love.

7 steps to super simple menu planning is just that. Super simple and something that all of us can use. I’m working at automating more of our menu plan, too.

I continue to get name brand laundry detergent for under $2, but if I ever cease to find those bargains, I’m going to try making Andrea’s DIY laundry detergent. I need to make her DIY garbage disposal cleaning tabs soon. What a great idea!

Have you ever asked yourself what’s your one thing? I did after reading Andrea’s post. I’m still mulling over the answer but it made me think. Do you know what your one thing is?

Scarcity: a good frugal living principle really made me think too. I can relate to Andrea in so many ways! Can you?

Andrea also has lots of good, homemade recipes for every day families. No special ingredients and they are quick to prepare. Her blueberry buckle is similar to mine, but you can browse all her recipes in her recipe box.

That’s just a bit of what I love from Andrea. You can read more about Andrea on her blog Andrea Dekker.

Sally’s Baking Addiction Links

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I have a theme to my links today because I’d like to introduce you to someone. Everyone, I’d like you to meet Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction. Sally, meet everyone! I stumbled across Sally via one of her recipes on Pinterest and one recipe quickly lead to another and another and another. Since I have so many of her recipes on my to make list, I thought I’d share a couple that are on my current list.

Starting with breakfast, I want to try this chocolate peanut butter lover’s granola. It looks delicious for breakfast – or a snack! I also want to try making Sally’s raspberry swirl sweet rolls. What a fun twist on a cinnamon roll!

I’d eat this cinnamon-swirl chocolate chip bread for breakfast or at anytime. Yum! I’m also curious to try her sky high apple pie muffins. She has lots of delicious looking muffin recipes but this one is at the top of my list. Plus, these are made with greek yogurt and applesauce which really makes them a healthier muffin treat!

Now, onto delicious looking desserts. The gorgeous pictures Sally takes of her desserts will instantly entice you to make countless of these recipes. Here are some of the desserts I want to make.

Peanut butter stuffed brownies. Need I say anything more? S’mores brownie pie looks like a fun twist on a classic s’more.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are going on my fall baking list. I love pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so am excited to find a cookie recipe for the same flavors!

Fluffernutter cake intrigues me since it’s a combination of peanut butter and marshmallows. I’ll probably make cookie dough lovers ice cream pie first because cookie dough is another one of my favorites.

Although Sally  is known (at least to me) for her desserts, she does have other recipes – main dishes and healthy ones, too.

I want to try her honey bbq chicken fingers that are actually marinated in bbq sauce. Why have I never thought of that as a marinade before? I’m going to try her crustless 110 calorie quiche with some of our garden goodies. The quiche recipe is for me, but the cheesy garlic breadsticks for me and my husband!

You see why I needed an entire links devoted to Sally? I might have to do this with a couple of my other favorite blogs soon. For now, go check out Sally’s Baking Addiction. It’s great cooking inspiration!

Various Links I Love

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It’s a free for all Saturday…at least, in regards to the links I’m sharing. No common theme this week. Just a variety of links that I enjoyed and wanted to share.

Mandi wrote about documenting our lives in pictures. It’s a nice, balanced perspective that she presents.

Tim Elmore shared a letter from a teacher about his  tough decision to leave the classroom. Teachers already struggle with this, so hopefully non-teachers will ponder it as well.

Ruth wrote about grandparents, babysitters and comforters. There is a common theme here – and it’s important.

My dear friend, Grace, wrote a beautiful post on all the single ladies. Single or married, please read it…and pray!

Edie shared her recipe for flourless monster cookies. Yum!

Anne gave 7 tips to help you read more (& love it). Great tips especially that grown-ups don’t have to finish books they dislike.

Speaking of, I’m going to spend some time reading a book today! Why don’t you join me?

More Cooking Links to Share

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Would you believe that I have actually made several new recipes within the past couple of weeks? I’m determined to keep trying new ones on a regular basis rather than just saying I will. I’ll share a compilation of the keeper recipes soon. For now, here are a couple more that I want to try.

First, Jen reminded me how you truly can revolutionize your week with a power cooking hour. This could look different in all our kitchens, but it could benefit us all, too.

Tara shared her copycat recipe for Olive Garden’s Capellini Pomodoro. I need to try this soon while I still have fresh tomatoes from our garden!

Lynette’s recipe for moist lemon cake looks simple and delicious. I do love all things lemony.

Christa actually made homemade bagels. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to make and her recipe looks simple enough. Maybe I will!

Shaina’s recipe for lime and blackberry jam-filled doughnuts looks ambitious but so good! Doughnut making is one thing I’ve never attempted. Have you?

I’m trying to eat more vegetables so Ree’s recipe for grilled vegetable burritos caught my eye. With a burrito this tasty, you don’t need meat!

Brenda baked blueberry hand pies with orange glaze that look absolutely delicious. I think I’m going to use some of the blueberries I just froze to try this recipe. It’s at the top of my list. Did any of these make your list?

More Money Saving Links

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I always appreciate the encouragement to save money. I especially appreciate new and different ideas for ways to save some more. I also find a lot of encouragement by knowing I’m not alone in the desire to save more. Wouldn’t you agree? Here’s some more money saving ideas for all of us.

If you want to shop at a big warehouse store without paying for a membership, you may to read Andrea’s article about 9 ways to shop at Costco without a membership. I didn’t know a lot of these!

Emily shared a guest post at Money Saving Mom about her favorite ways to get free product coupons. I haven’t entered a lot of sweepstakes but after reading this, maybe I should! I like to email companies for coupons, too.

Jessica reminded me to use up those gift cards you’ve been stashing. I’ve had to happen where the stores close before I can use a gift card and that’s so disappointing! It’s a good reminder to enjoy using the gift cards you’ve been given and don’t wait too long to do so!

Jen shared how to create a meal solutions notebook. This will save you lots of time – and money – to be so organized. I need to do this with all my print outs of Pinterest success recipes.

Shelly reminded me that we can save money by cutting out convenience foods. I’m working harder at doing this again.

The Prudent Homemaker told how she writes a garage sale list. This is an important way to make the most of your time – and money – when garaging sale for bargains.

Finally, Crystal shared how to save $100 or more by staying home more. I think this is one of the most overlooked pieces of advice. I’m striving to combine my teaching and errand days this upcoming year so there are days when Nathan and I are truly home together.

Links I Love…Just Because

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If you’ve been around here any length of time, you’ve noticed that on Saturdays, I share a collection of links to other sites. Sometimes there is a common theme, other times the links are a hodge podge. I do that because there are so many other worthwhile articles / ideas / recipes being shared online. I don’t want to keep everything I read to myself so I share these links I love…just because. I hope you enjoy visiting some of the sites that I share with you!

Edie shared 7 ways I simplified my life and saved order to be generous. It’s a great reminder that we simplify and save so we can share with others!

Ruth, a talented piano teacher / organist friend of mine, wrote about getting kids to behave in church. Everyone with children has experienced this challenge and Ruth raises some important points.

Tsh wrote an honest post about tomato-stained stoves and dusty window sills. I could claim both of those right now, but am striving to take her message to heart.

Crystal (of huge Money Saving Mom fame) challenged me with this post about the #1 reason most people fail. How determined are you with your dreams and goals?

Andrea summed up every one of my thoughts with her perspective on why we eat some processed foods. So many people are tooting the benefits of eating organic now that I appreciated this perspective. It’s everyone’s personal choice so let’s make sure we’re not condemning each other for how we eat!

Finally, I’ve leave you with the reminder that we all have different stories. Deanna summed it up beautiful here!

More New Recipe Links

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Yes, I’m back with more recipe links because I’ve discovered lots more that I want to try. I simply can’t help myself! Don’t these look delicious?

Edie shared her recipe for best ever blueberry cake with lemon glaze. Since it’s blueberry season, it’s the perfect time to bake this.  I also want to try making chocolate covered blueberries.

Ree showed how she makes her own veggie cream cheese. Yes, it takes more work but you can easily customize it to your taste.

Jen reminded me of one of my Mom’s recipes with this no-bake chocolate eclair cake. What a perfect summer treat!

Ruth made a 5 minute ice cream cake which is another great summertime dessert.

Adriane shared her recipe for rhubarb cherry crisp. I don’t think I’ve ever had this rhubarb combination but it looks delicious!

Brenda made her take on rhubarb with her recipe for grilled angel food cake with rhubarb sauce. Another winner, I think!

Lynette intigued me with her recipe for juice pie. Yes, the frugal filling comes from juice.

Now, the ever important question. Which one shall I try making first?

Quick and Easy Home Links

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So many times, there are big projects we want to accomplish but we find ourselves lacking in time and / or resources. Today, I’m sharing a bunch of quick and easy home ideas that we can all do to brighten up and / or clean up our home.

My Mom recently found this idea to make wool dryer balls. We are both intrigued! When I use up my free dryer sheets, I might give this a try.

Here’s a unique recipe for homemade tabs to clean up your garbage disposal. I use lemon peels and ice cubes to clean it out, but this seems like nice, too.

Better Homes and Garden shared a picture if an organized freezer trick by using baskets. We could easily pick up a couple at the Dollar Store to give this a try!

Red Chair Blog shared how she has 4 boxes set aside for things needed to organize, deliver or return. This is an idea I could tweak.

I’ve shared this before, but Mandi at Life…Your Way has over 400 beautifully designed printables to help you get organized. I’m rededicating myself to this task with the help of her printables. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to print and display some Scripture prints as well?

Finally, because I’m making de-cluttering a new top priority of mine, Buzz Feed’s post on 34 ingenious ways to declutter your entire life was motivating.

Here we go! Let’s get busy and do the next thing on our lists today!

Home Edition of Links I Love

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My Lehenbauer grandparents recently moved from their Ohio home of 20 plus years to a new retirement home in Florida. It was quite the move – for everyone! As a result of their downsizing, Andy and I have inherited their dining room table. Bringing the table into our home resulted in quite a few changes already – with more on the way. And can I just say it’s amazing what rearranging furniture can do? Now I want to do lots more! Here are a couple links that are inspiring me lately.

Young House Love does so many creative / practical / great home improvement projects. I really liked how they customized a simple Ikea shelf by framing it with wood. I would just use it as as regular storage because I AM going to get a square shelf like this for our house.

Our bathroom needs to be redone. Someday (hopefully soon), we’ll get rid of the dated 1950s green tile and the old carpet. Ugh. When we do, I like the idea of hanging canvases of Nathan in the bath just like the Newly Woodwards created in black and white here.

My kitchen is cozy and now that we have a dining room table, I’m contemplating getting rid of my kitchen table that doesn’t really match. I like the idea of adding an open shelf like this for more storage like Elli did here. Except, I wouldn’t paint my shelf green.

Hometalk had some cute ideas for adding farmhouse style to your kitchen. I like the shelf with a small counter top, too. Maybe I’ll replace my kitchen table with something like that instead.

We need a mantel over our fireplace. I like the simplicity of what the Lettered Cottage created here. I also really like the idea of book shelves on either side of the fireplace, perhaps something like this.

Of course, all these links are just ideas for now. We need the time – and money – to make them a reality. Isn’t that true of most houses though?  There are always projects to accomplish! Tell me I’m not alone!

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