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I am slowly getting back into my baking mood. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve wanted to bake, but I haven’t had spare hands and time enough to bake lately. Even so, I’ve been adding to my list of recipes I want to bake.

First, let me share two recipes that my Mom baked while she was here. It was nice to try new recipes with her. She made these Oatmeal Craisin Breakfast Bars that were quite yummy. We used regular chocolate chips instead of white. I liked them a lot, but Mom liked them even more – baking three pans in two days! At my request, Mom also baked these Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies. Absolutely delicious! The brownies were good but it was the peanut butter fudge that made them special. I will be baking both of these recipes again. Give them a try!

Chocolate recipes are my favorite type of recipes. I discovered this recipe by Not Enough Cinnamon for Easy Homemade Mounds Bars. These only have 3 ingredients and look delicious. We’ll see if they really taste like the candy bar.

Living Well, Spending Less shared a recipe for Basic Freezer Bread. You mix the dough ahead of time and freeze them in loaf pans so when you want fresh bread, you just thaw and bake. Lots of people by Rhodes frozen bread so why not make my own? Why have I never thought to try this? I will be now!

Chef in Training shared a recipe for Cheesy Appetizer Crackers. This recipe only has four ingredients and looks like a tasty snack. Cheese is something I always have in my fridge (or freezer) so maybe I’ll make this some afternoon this next week.

Raining Hot Coupons shared an idea to make a Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich. It’s a unique idea and oddly intriguing. I’m curious to give this a try and see if this combination works.

So, there you have it. Those are some of the recipes I want to bake soon. Nothing too fancy or complicated but all seem worth a try. What are you favorite type of recipes to bake?

Another Round of Encouragement

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We’re still waiting for our baby to make his appearance – even after a busy, busy week at school. I’ve been on my feet teaching, conducting, serving soup – and still the baby sits cozily. At least now, Andy and I are both on Spring Break now. It is nice to know we will both be home all week together with the baby – when he arrives! God provided some dear friends who encouraged me with the exact words I needed to hear this week. I am so thankful for Allison and Erin (and so many others). 

I am always amazed at how God uses (in)courage to provide me with exactly what I need to hear. Here is the latest round of encouragement that spoke to my heart.

Kristen wrote How God Feels About You. This reminds me of Max Lucado and it is a reminder we all need to hear again and again. God loves us so very much!

Annie wrote about the beauty of Saturday Morning. My Saturdays have changed since the baby and this is a great reminder to soak up the moments – no matter what or where they are!

Rachel shared her perspective on Broken Things. I found the idea of showing our cracks particularly intriguing. Scary, sometimes, but there is beauty to be found in brokenness!

I appreciated Ann’s perspective on 7 Things You Need When You’re Overwhelmed and Can’t Keep Up. We all have those days (or weeks). Ann’s reminders of God’s graciousness are indeed a comfort.

Stephanie wrote about How to BE Patient. We often forget about the goodness of gifts God has given to us and our patience suffers as a result. Don’t you think so?

Robin shared honestly with When You Aren’t Like Her but You Wish You Were. Comparisons don’t tell the whole story but it’s a trap we often fall into. Yet, God made us all with unique talents for a reason! Read this and take it to heart.

Finally, Dawn wrote about When Sharing Your Home is an Act of Reckless Optimism. I love how she says, “The mess is part of my story.” Isn’t that true for all of us – and our homes? Let’s be optimistic!

Various Links I Love

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The links I chose to share each week really are just because links. Some are recipes and some are ideas, while others share a project or a motivational article. I enjoy picking out these things to share with you – and I hope you enjoy them, too!

While there is still a chill in the air, I want to try Andrea Dekker’s recipe for their new family favorite cheese broccoli soup. The recipe is simple and looks delicious. I like recipes like this.

Crystal Paine (of Money Saving Mom) recently published a new book that I want to read - Say Goodbye to Survival Mood. On her blog she answered the question, How do you wake up excited about each day? There are some good pointers here for us all!

Get Rich Slowly had an interesting article about what to do with too much emergency fund? Spend it. I know it seems like a rare problem (and one many of us wish for) but there are some good take-aways for all of us – whatever the size of our emergency fund.

Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam wrote an article on 7 highly effective ways to raise lazy and entitled children. It’s sarcastic but true. I especially like the point to pass blame to others. Not a good idea!

Another Jen, at Thrifty and Thriving, shared her recipe for orange-cranberry biscuits. I love all these things separately so this recipes seems to be ideal for me. I am eager to try this one!

Shelly at Frugal Family Home shared some excellent tips of how to save money by planting a garden. It’s that time of year when we can start thinking about gardens. We didn’t plant a garden last year and while I didn’t miss the weeding, I did miss the fresh produce and the salsa I canned from our garden.

That’s what I have to share for now. Did you read anything of note this week?

Links I Love: Best of Tim Elmore

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In the Fall of 2013, I was privileged to hear Tim Elmore speak at the National Lea Educators Association Conference. When they were introducing him, I was not sure how this would apply to my preschoolers or my life. Within 2 minutes of Tim taking the stage, I knew this was exactly what I needed to hear. He was speaking about the current iY generation and nailed it on the head. Since then, I’ve been reading his blog (Growing Leaders) and am always impressed, challenged and motivated by what Tim has to share. Here are some of my favorites of his from the last months.

Start by reading Tim’s article on Six Steps to Take to Prepare for the Coming Culture Shift. It compares the past 3 generations and gives us practical tips on what we can do to bring out the best in coming generations.

Next, read his perspective on When Preventing Hinders Preparing. Parents and teachers need to be well aware of what disservice we do for our children when we shield them in a bubble. Once again, Tim hit the target with this one.

This article shared Six Steps Great Coaches Take to Help Athletes Reach Potential. It’s a fantastic article for all coaches, but has valuable points for teachers and parents as well.

It’s sad but true as Tim explains in How Adults are Stealing Ambition from Kids. I don’t think many adults are aware of what we are doing, but it is a disservice to an entire generation when we act like this.

Tim shared A Profound Reminder from Miley Cyrus. Her behavior has been appalling (to say the least) over the past months and year, and this article was the best one I’ve seen on the power of an example.

I thought this was an interesting question – Why Do Adults Struggle to Lead Teens Well?  His observations point to the fact that we need to give teens what they need, not what they always want!

Finally, I’ll leave you with my absolute favorite so far. Tim’s article on What Today’s Parenting Shift Means for Educators and Employers. He explains the difference in children when we focus on today verse tomorrow. Let’s all be wise and prepare our children for tomorrow!

Thoughts? Reactions? If you want to learn more, read his blog or check out his books. I have several of Tim’s books on my reading listing, especially Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future and Artificial Maturity: Helping Children Meet the Challenge of Becoming Authentic Adults.

Similar Yet Different Links

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I’ve been adding new recipes to my “want to bake” list. As I did, I noticed that many of the recipes I liked had similar variations on the original recipe. Here are some of the recipes – with their variations – that I want to try.

Mother Thyme shared a recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I liked her promise that it’s an easy but delicious cinnamon roll recipe. She also has a similar recipe for Chocolate Chip Cake with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting. Yum!

Sally’s Baking Addiction has a recipe for Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Muffins. Sally promises that you can use this basic recipe with a wide variety of add-ins like blueberries or nuts. I also like her variation of Sky High Apple Pie Muffins.

Not Your Momma’s Cookie has several recipes for ice cream where no machine is required. I love this idea of making homemade ice cream without an extra gadget. There’s a recipe for Snickerdoodle Ice Cream as well as Monster Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Both use a similar base but have different add-ins. Both look delicious!

Big Red Kitchen created a recipe for Pancake Squares in a Pan. It does look like an intriguing concept! I liked her variation for Baked Cinnamon Roll Pancakes in a Pan even more.

A Farmgirl Dabbles shared two recipes that are similar based on the variations of buttercream icing. You could try her Cream Wafer Sandwiches with Strawberry Buttercream Icing or her Fudgy Brownie Hearts with Raspberry Buttercream Icing. Or, you could substitute one icing for the other, since I’m more of a raspberry girl myself.

Akshayapaatram shared one recipe with several variations included. She shared how to make Homemade Extracts – Vanilla, Orange or Lemon. I think you could do this with even more flavors if you get creative!

The Pioneer Woman (Ree) has a delicious recipe for Cinnamon Rolls. I’ve made these multiple times and they are my new go-to cinnamon roll recipe. Now, I need to try some of her variations that include Caramel Apple Sweet Rolls as well as Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls.

All of these recipes reminded me that a good recipe can be tweaked for delicious variations. I’m looking forward to trying some of these recipes – and their variations – soon!

Tried and True Links to Share

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I share a lot of links here on Joyfully Thriving. I share them because they look interesting and / or tasty. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to follow through and bake / create / try the links that I share.  Today, I’m going to share some links that I have already shared but I have now tried and deem worth sharing again.

During our cold winter, I made a lot of homemade chocolate syrup for our hot chocolate. When the weather warms, I’ll continue making this because it’s a good way to make chocolate milk – without any artificial ingredients!

I recently discovered some blueberries in the freezer. I tried making blueberry biscuits as shared by Pink Pistachio. These were easy to make and truly delicious. Andy and I both enjoyed these for our breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, the Pioneer Woman’s sour cream pancakes is my new pancake recipe of choice. These are thinner than your typical pancake and have a slightly different taste (due to the sour cream) but they are quick to make and very tasty.

I’ve made Paula Deen’s crockpot potato soup several times. It’s wonderful when you need a quick soup that can simmer in the slow cooker all morning. The soup starts with a bag of hashed browns and I’ve used the o’brien potatoes instead for a bit more flavor. Both versions result in a nice creamy soup.  Top your soup with cheese and bacon for extra deliciousness!

Janet shared a recipe for couscous salad that has become my favorite. This salad is easy to customize with whatever vegetables you find fresh in spring and summer. Soaking the cucumbers in vinegar first is key and the feta adds a good flavor, too!

Most of the links I’ve tried are recipes, but I have made several wreaths that I liked and pinned. I made a crayon wreath for my door at school and a 4th of July wreath with yarn and buttons like this one. My favorite wreath that I’ve made is still this grapevine yellow wreath.

I know I’ve tried other links that I’ve shared, but these are some of my favorites so far. Have you tried any of my shared links that you’ve enjoyed?

Thoughtful Links I Love

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I have quite a few thoughtful links to share with you this week. Sometimes, I need to be challenged with encouragement in my life and these articles all did so – in some way. I hope they provide you with some food for thought as well.

The Nester wrote a great article about the Almost Extinction of the Drop-In. This made me think a lot about hospitality and it apparently did the same for others, because the Nester followed it up with Why Do We Really Dread the Drop-In? For my part, I’m trying to keep my kitchen tider so I feel comfortable spontaneously inviting friends over.

Holley said Let’s Have a Talk about Emotional Modesty. I appreciated her reminder to stay most committed to marriage without crossing barriers. It was well-written and encouraging (without being condemning).

Tsh wrote about what happens When You Don’t Want to Give Thanks. I know we all have days (or weeks) like this. Tsh provided a powerful reminder that we can choose to give thanks, because sometimes, thankfulness takes deliberate choosing.

Jody shared about Leftovers and how we often feel insignificant with what we bring to the table. When you use the table as a metaphor for life, there is a lot to ponder about this concept.

Mary wrote about Life as a Choose Your Own Adventure Book. I loved reading these books when I was younger because I could easily go back to change the story if I didn’t like the ending. In real life, God uses all those daily adventures and is leading us where we don’t always see. Life is an adventure!

Finally, Lisa reminded me Don’t Kick the Anthill! Growing up in South Texas with the pain of fire ants, this is a concept that I clearly understand. It’s also why I’m skittish of ants to this day! Go read to see why we shouldn’t kick the anthill.

Which one of these ladies made you think the most? What did you need to hear today?

Another Round of Chocolate Links

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I hope you don’t mind but all my links today revolve around chocolate. I guess Valentine’s Day can do that to you. Between that and the baby, I’ve been in a chocolate mood lately…although really? When am I not in the mood for chocolate? I have my favorite chocolate recipes but I like trying new chocolate recipes, too. Here are some of the new chocolate recipes I want to try. Very soon!

Sally’s Baking Addiction has some mouth-watering desserts. Her recipe for S’more Brownie Pie looks delicious. I like the idea of a brownie layer for the chocolate part, too. I’m not normally a chocolate cake donut girl, but her recipe for Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes look worth a try. Really, these are mini muffins coated in glaze so no special donut pans required.

Gimme Some Oven shared a recipe for Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies. I like a good chocolate brownie as much as the next girl, and with the addition of peanut butter fudge on top? How can you go wrong with that?

Jamie Cooks It Up shared a recipe for Chocolate Lava Cake in a Crock-Pot. I’ve seen so many recipes for lava cake in a slow cooker but I’ve never made any of them. The ooey-gooey chocolate pictures reminded me that I really want to try this one soon.

Deliciously Yum shared a quick treat of Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Oranges with Sea Salt. Mandarin oranges have been a staple in my fridge this winter so this would be an easy to make. Chocolate and orange is a wonderful combination, too!

Love from the Oven shared her recipe for a Single Serving Brownie in the Microwave. I made this a couple weeks ago when I was craving a late night snack. This is delicious! It does make a good sized portion of this rich treat. Oh, and I shortened the time I baked this brownie in the microwave because I like gooey brownies.

A Farmgirl Dabbles shared her recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherry Cups. It reminds me of cherry cordials but with more of a creamy cherry flavored center. I wonder if the candy flavoring is the same as an extract or if it needs to be more of the concentrated extract?

Talking Dollars and Cents shared a recipe for No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars. It reminds me of my recipe for No-Bake Cookies but in more of a layered format. There is something to be said for the quickness of a pan of bars, too!

Do I have you thinking about chocolate now? Which one of these recipes should I try first? Or more importantly, which one are you going to try first?

Valentine’s Links I Like

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Valentine’s Day is next week already. Can you believe that? I don’t have lots of Valentine decorations but someday, I would like to have some festive things up. When I find time, I’m going to start making some of these ideas. Let’s start with wreaths.

Eighteen 25 made a heart felt wreath that was absolutely lovely. I have red felt, but need to buy a heart wreath form. Mine for the Making made a circle yarn wreath with felt hearts tied on top. Cute! Or, I really like this heart ribbon wreath that Teach, Craft, Love made. I like them all and don’t know which one I should make first! Which one is your favorite?

I do have candles around the house and like the idea to dress them up for Valentine’s Day. The Pleated Poppy wrapped doilies and hearts around ball jars for a sweet look. At Home in the Northwest simply wrapped twine and felt hearts around pillar candles for a festive look. I could do both of these!

Let’s move on to garlands. They are a simple way to dress up any shelf or mantel. The Pretty Bee made a no-sew heart felt banner. Landee See, Landee Do made a printable heart garland with mini clothespins. I like this but would probably just cut the hearts out of colored card stock rather than printing the hearts.  Ribbons and Glue made a cute paper heart garland by gluing strips of paper together. Again, all of these garlands are so cute but I don’t know which one I’d make first!

For some simple Valentine’s Day foods, I like these ideas. Eclectically Vintage shared her recipe her floats with cherry 7-up and vanilla ice cream. Heather Likes Food made a layered jello using only red jellos. I have a layered jello recipe that I love, but I never thought of just using red for Valentine’s Day. Flour on My Face dipped pink wafer cookies in chocolate and added sprinkles. Again, very simple but a fun treat for Valentine’s Day!

Those are some of my favorite Valentine links. To see more of what I like, you can always look at my Pinterest account and / or my Valentine’s board to see what I’m pinning!

Valentine’s Day Printable Links

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Throughout the next week (or more), I start doing a lot of Valentine activities in preschool. The day comes (and goes) so quickly that I like to stretch it out a bit. I’ve been teaching 10 years and have a lot of Valentine / heart activities that I can do, but I always like looking for new ideas. This year, as I was browsing online, I realized there are a lot of nice free printable Valentine’s Day links. Here are some of the favorites I found.

Teacher’s Pay Teachers has a lot of great resources. I like to start by searching for the free ones within my age level. I found a cute set of 6 Valentine’s Day Number Line Puzzles which are great for sequencing. There’s a simple Heart Art paper where the children can cut colored paper to glue inside. For older children, there is a Valentine’s Color by Number page with lots of hearts. Again, these are all free and print very nicely.

2 Teaching Mommies is my go-to site when I want something thematic for the morning center time because some of my students love a more structured table time activity. There are two great printable Sweetheart Tracing books. One uses colors and one uses numbers. While you are there, check out their Valentine’s Day / Sweethearts themed packet. My preschoolers really like sorting the sweethearts and playing the rolling dice games.

I thought of my husband when I found these printable Valentine’s because he sells glow sticks around the Fourth of July for some extra income. Here is a printable Last Minute Glow Stick that says you make my heart glow. I also found a Lego Star Wars printable glow stick card. You could put a glow stick in each of these – or a pixie stick in the Star Wars one.

If you’re looking for another non-candy Valentine Idea, I like this idea of giving an A-maze-ing Valentine with a little maze taped on. My preschoolers (and I) love Goldfish crackers so this idea for a School of Fish Valentine is really cute, too.

The final idea we WILL be doing is my idea for a Long Distance Hug. It’s easy to paint (or stamp) hands and attach them with a ribbon. Print off the cute poem that I included and you have a sweet gift to mail your grandparents (or parents) for Valentine’s Day. It is a sweet idea!

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