Summer Links I Love

Creative Savings Blog - 52 Free Summer Activities

Since summer time is in full swing, here are a couple of summer links I thought were worth sharing! With summer comes eating out – especially if you are traveling! I loved Andrea’s list about frugal ways to dine out. This tips are handy year round! If you’re going garage sale shopping this summer, be sure to… Read More →

Links I Love: End of May Edition

Links I Love...Just Because at Joyfully Thriving

It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared a new edition of links I love for you to check out, so I have quite a few today. Here are some things that caught my attention recently. House on the Dairy shared her recipe for parmesan zucchini and corn. Yum! As soon as I get… Read More →

Lists and Links I Love

How has your week been? Are you ready for the start of a new, fresh month? We have a busy weekend with confirmation at St. Paul’s and my kids singing at Ascension. Then, Andy leaves for Washington DC on Sunday afternoon with his 8th graders. Life just continues moving right, busy as ever. Ruth at… Read More →

Food Links I Love

Food Links I Love

I was going through my Feedly and realized there were quite a few recipes I had bookmarked and forgotten about. I’ve pinned them to Pinterest and am going to give some of them a try soon. Pinterest is my favorite source of recipe inspiration when I need it. Here are a couple recipes that I… Read More →

Motherhood Links I Love

Being a Mom is hard work. Thankfully, I went into the task with my eyes wide open. After so many years of waiting to be a Mom, it does make the hard times a bit easier…some days. Other days, it’s still hard work. Here are a variety of links that pertain to the task of… Read More →

1st Birthday Links & Inspiration

1st Birthday Party Links & Inspiration

We’re hosting Nathan’s 1st birthday party today (3 days before he officially turns one). I’ll be sure to update you with pictures and the details behind his party soon. For now, since I’ll be busy in the kitchen today and with our company (my brother and sister – with her husband and son drove up from… Read More →

Recent Links I Love

Here’s another list of links I loved. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy sharing them! There is a lot of wisdom (and deliciousness) out there that I just can’t keep to myself. Jon Acuff had a great point when he said everything is a classroom. We can and should be learning… Read More →

Pioneer Woman Recipe Links To Try

Pioneer Woman Recipe Links I Want to Try - Joyfully Thriving

I have always loved flipping through cookbooks. Perhaps that is why I enjoy browsing Pinterest for recipe inspiration so much! I read several cooking blogs but some are hit and miss. There is one cooking blog that always provides reliably good recipes. That is Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman fame. I have tried many of… Read More →

The Blessings of Encouragement from (In)courage

How are you today, dear friends? I have a big dose of encouragement to share with you today, compliments of the many lovely ladies of (in)courage. These are words that I needed to hear in the past months and it is my prayer that at least one of these will speak to each one of… Read More →

Thoughtful Links I Love

Some weeks, it is the recipes I discover online that excite me. Other weeks, I am challenged by the encouragement I find online. Here’s a collection of some of the most recent thoughtful links I found. I hope some of them speak to you, too! Jesenia of the Latina Homemaker shared how being too busy can… Read More →