10 Fastest Rising Food Prices

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Have you noticed that the prices at the grocery store are increasing? My husband came along grocery shopping with Nathan and me after church on Sunday. We were completely out of ground beef in the freezer so I picked up some more to grill that evening. I asked Andy how much he thought my 3 pound package of meat cost. $6 was his guess. Actually price? $10. So, I was not surprised when I read this recent article on the 10 fastest rising food prices. Do you have guesses what made the list? Prices were compared from 2010 to March of 2014, and the results were intriguing. According to this report, here are the 10 items that made the list.

  1. Bacon
  2. Ground beef
  3. Oranges
  4. Coffee
  5. Peanut butter
  6. Margarine
  7. Wine
  8. Turkey
  9. Chicken
  10. Grapefruit

The article was fascinating and shares the actual percentage of price increases, as well as the current average price. I’d encourage you to read the full article here. After reading it, take some time to think. I know that I buy most of the items on this list and I have certainly noticed the increases. Ground beef has affected us the most with peanut butter being the second one. Which one impacts you and your family the most?

Now, the important question is this. What are we going to do about the food increases? Well, we don’t have to buy the products and we can find a cheaper substitute. That’s certainly an option. We don’t eat ground beef as much and I am starting to plan more meatless meals. Another option is to watch for sales and stock-up on these items. It hurts me to pay full price for expensive items such as these. Sometimes, I don’t have a choice. However, I can – and do – try to plan ahead and stockpile. Those are the two ways I am attempting to deal with increasing food prices. What are you doing?


  1. I have seen this in the grocery store. I noticed what the local coupons are for-you must buy $20 and limit of one or two of the items with a coupon and only one coupon per family. Examples: store brand frozen OJ for 99 cents, hamburger 3.99 lb limit 10 lbs, fresh blueberries 18oz for 3.99. A few years ago those prices would have been very high and now those prices are so good they make a coupon and limit. I stock up when bacon is 3.99 and butter is $2 now, that would have been very high a few years ago.
    So far this year I have not seen a good sale on strawberries or raspberries or blueberries so I have not made any of those kinds of jam and usually that would be the jam that I make the most. I did make jam with apricots that were given to me and blackberries I picked with a friend so we got the cheapest price. That may end up being the only jam I make this year.
    I have made more of an effort to use food while it is fresh and use leftovers before they are too old as we pay more for groceries now. I don’t think we bought any grapefruit in 2014 as it was just to expensive even in season. Oranges were cheap in season but orange juice is expensive now. I’m surprised chicken isn’t higher on the list. I’m surprised eggs aren’t on the list but maybe their price went up a few years ago. This list is difficult for the frugal family because you need many of these items to cook/bake from scratch.
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    • You are right! Prices have increased, as have the limits. We had good sales on blueberries ($1 a pint one week), but not on the other fruits really. I do love blackberry jam, as I make mine with free blackberries given to me, as well! I’m working on using all of the food we have because, you are sad. Leftover sadly get forgot and I need to make every penny of our grocery budget count! Here’s hoping for good sales…and the continued motivation to pinch pennies as prices rise.

  2. I’ve noticed the prices have gone up. I used to be able to get ground beef for just $1.99 a pound every 6-12 weeks but I had to adjust my buy price up to $2.99. About twice a year I can get ground beef for $2.49 a pound but I usually end up buying at the $2.99 price point.

    I don’t even purchase bacon anymore at $3.99 a pound on sale it’s just too expensive. I do buy turkey bacon at $2.50 a pound and we have learned to like it. :)

    For chicken I purchase my chicken through Zaycon foods at around $1.80 a pound for boneless skinless chicken breasts. It’s a good deal but you have to purchase 40 pounds.

    We have been eating more tofu lately. There’s a few recipes we really like and it’s only $1.99 a pound.
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    • Exactly! It’s good to know I’m not alone. I used to buy ground beef for $1.99 but $2.99 is my go-to price now. I love when I can (rarely) get it for $2.49 but it hurt when I actually paid $3.49 this past week because we are completely out of ground beef. I’m home for a sale on ground beef soon! I really wise we had Zaycon foods to deliver by us. I’ve heard good things about their chicken!

      • I heard a few weeks ago (TV) that all beef was going to go up 8 to 10% wholesale! Our son in CA works for a beef packing facility, he told us that with the drought in the central valley, no rain, and grain prices going up, etc. that beef would surely go up in price. How right he was. Not too surprised, still 8-10% wholesale is a LOT. We don’t eat a lot of beef, but this isn’t in our budget. Will try making the ground beef go a LOT farther.

        • Yikes! 8 to 10 percent? Oh dear. And my freezer is already empty of ground beef. I’ll have to really stock up with the Labor Day sales soon. And yes, we’ll have to stretch the meat…or not eat it as much.

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