Shopping for Groceries in December

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, like I know it has been for you. On top of all the Christmas parties and events, I ended up catching a stomach virus that my students have been passing around. It was my first sick day in 10 years of teaching and I had to miss the Christmas service, but what can you do? I was thankful that I had done the bulk of my shopping earlier that week, and that my husband picked up Sprite for me when I needed it.

Here are a couple of quick snapshots of my grocery purchases from the last couple of weeks with the totals for December so far.

Aldi - 12/13/13 - $23.23

I was across town running errands and shopped at Aldi. I spent $23.23 on various baking supplies. 4 pounds of sugar for $1.49 was the best bargain of the trip.

Meijer - 12/17/13 - $54.19

One trip to Meijer found me stocking up on items for upcoming Christmas occasions. In addition to everything pictured, I also had bought 5 bottles of Cranberry Ginger Ale for my piano recital. The milk and juices were all free, thanks to various coupons. I stocked up on lots of cheese for $1.50 a bag, butter for $1.88 a pound, and 7 hamburger for $2.49 a pound. At Meijer, I spent $54.19.

Kroger - 12/23/13 - $17.24

To start out our break, I made two more stops at Meijer and Kroger because I was out of cream cheese and needed pork chops for Christmas Day. At Kroger, sugar was on sale for $1.59 a bag. I stocked up on more sugar as well as cream cheese for $1 a box. At Kroger, I spent $17.24.

Meijer - 12/23/13

I stopped by Meijer to pick up the pork chops I needed and did something I’ve never done before. I treated myself to a Starbucks hot chocolate as I shopped. Thanks to the student who gave me that gift card! At Meijer, I spent $26.57 because I stocked up on more ground beef, too. When it’s $2.49/lb for 80% lean, I can’t pass up that price! Oh, I also bought another dozen farm eggs for $1.75.

If we add up all those various trips, I spent $122.98 over the past weeks. That takes my total for December to $173.41. I guess that means I am done shopping for the month since I am just a couple dollars under budget. Are you done shopping for the month?

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