Meijer to Stop Doubling Coupons on 3/30/13

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I went shopping at Meijer last night and, as others have mentioned, was saddened to see the following message appear across the register as I checked out: “Effective March 30th, Meijer will stop the doubling of all coupons.”

Please be aware that the Meijer facebook page states this change applies only to stores in Battle Creek, Lansing, Fort Wayne and South Bend. Here is the only official statement Meijer has made so far, regarding this policy change.

It’s true that we are eliminating double coupons in our Battle Creek, Lansing, Ft. Wayne and South Bend Markets. As a course of business, we will continue to evaluate other markets to determine the appropriate coupon strategy for that specific market based on our opportunity to reinvest in low prices across all of our items. Double coupons only affect a certain percentage of items. We believe that investing in lower prices across the store is more of a benefit to our customers.

What does this mean for me – and for all other Meijer shoppers in Fort Wayne and the other stores affected? It is up to you to make your own decision, but here is what I think.

I knew this day was coming, but I hoped it was still a ways off in the future. I plan to continue shopping at Meijer, but my purchases might change a bit. I will continue to watch sales closely. I will continue to use mPerks. I will be watching curiously to see if Meijer truly lowers their prices as they claim they will do. I might start buying the paper even less if I don’t see good coupons.

I plan to start doing an in depth comparison soon to compare prices in Fort Wayne between Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Aldi, Save-a-Lot and Grabill Country Sales. It has been almost four years since I updated my price book so this coupon change is pushing me to find the best price deals on a normal basis.

I’m choosing to move forward determined to save money. I want to be grateful for the coupon savings I’ve had without being bitter at the loss of doubles. There are many, many people who don’t have the advantages of doubles, so those of us in Fort Wayne join that club now! We can still save money and live frugally.

For now, let’s go enjoy the doubles of our coupons for a couple of weeks longer! And we’ll wait to see how long doubles last at Kroger, now that Meijer is soon to stop doubling.

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