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Day Light Savings never really affects me. I make sure to go to bed earlier the night before, and it quickly balances out. However, this week? The darkness and sudden blasts of cold made it very hard to get going in the mornings. I thought Spring was around the corner, but  this week seemed to suggest otherwise.

Crystal at Money Saving Mom shared How I Keep my Email Inbox to Fewer than 5 Emails. My goal is to never have my inbox over one page, but I try to keep it under 2 dozen messages. I love the archive and folder features of Gmail for this purpose. Excess email is one bit of clutter I am glad to cut out!

I loved Kristen of The Frugal Girl’s post on Why I Quit Line-Drying My Laundry. I periodically deal with guilt over the fact that I’m not line-drying my clothes, but when I looked at the money saved and the time spent, I continue to use my dryer. Kristen helped me feel less guilty about this fact. Maybe someday I’ll line dry, but not now. Everything frugal has a choice, and what’s right for some is not for others.

Jessica at Life as Mom asked Are You Putting Too Much on Your Plate? Jessica’s talking about more than your dinner plate – and managing your time and priorities. I struggle with this because sometimes I say yes, when I should say no. Sometimes, I also try to accomplish too much in a day and my list seems overwhelming. Do you have the same struggles?

Myra of My Blessed Life shared 5 Must-Have Secondhand Decor Items for which she shops. I always look through the books but I think I’ll start looking in some other areas of the thrift stores, too.

Andrea at Simple Organized Living shared Her Frugal Reality Check. I laughed out loud because I have fought similar tendencies at time. The gas one is particularly trying at times for me. You?

Ree shared her recipe for Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy this week. I’ve never been a fan of sausage gravy, but at Christmas, Andy’s Uncle cooked some amazing sausage gravy that had me rethinking my position. I appreciated Ree’s picture directions showing me that this wasn’t hard to make. She’s not the Pioneer Woman for nothing!

Finally, I really enjoyed Christina’s post at The Frugal Housemaker shared how she made a DYI Chalkboard from an Old Picture Frame. It’s posts like these that are helping me to think outside the box in my decor. Take a look at how cute Christina’s mantels look with this chalkboard! I will be watching for cheap ugly pictures – with good frames – to give this a try myself!

Now, I’m off to be productive today. I have book club and will be waiting anxiously to hear how the varsity basketball team for Concordia does. Wouldn’t you know they are at the same time? Thankfully, I know one of the assistant coaches (my hubby) so I’ll have my phone out for texts at book club. Do you have big plans for your Saturday?


  1. Line drying is a pain sometimes, but I must stickup for the benefits of line drying diapers. Definitely gets the stink out and whitens them way better! :-)

  2. I use the Borax occasionally, but so far haven’t noticed a difference. I think my original soap has it in it?

  3. Thanks for mentioning my DIY chalkboard! I still have it displayed today in my entryway and it is fun to change up the messages on it. Hope you can make one soon.
    Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker recently posted..Organizing my craft supplies with Rubbermaid All Access Organizers

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