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It’s a new year with many new opportunities in the Be Well, Serve Well Rewards program. Are you a LCMS church worker – or is your spouse? Do you have the Concordia Health Plan as your insurance? If so, this is something you should work on because it means a free $300 in your pocket.

Like last year, you can earn money for making healthy life choices. This is a great extra source of income for doing things we know we should already do! CHP has added some new earning options in 2013. Here are the points options, each of which converts to a dollar.

50 points – Health Assessment and Biometric Screening

50 points (Maximum 200 points) – Physical Activity –  Track 30 minutes of physical activity, three times a week, for six weeks.

25 to 50 points (Maximum 200 points) – Fruits and Vegetables – Eat 5 servings for five days a week for 50 points, or eat 5 servings three days a week for 25 points.

25 points (Maximum 100 points) – Preventive Screenings – Get up to four preventive, age-appropriate screenings, including medical, dental, vision, and certain cancer screenings.

25 points (Maximum 50 points per quarter) – Disease Management – Participate with a disease management nurse in at least one call per quarter.

25 to 100 points (Maximum 100 points) – Spiritual Renewal Retreat – Attend a 1 day retreat for 25 points, 2 day retreat for 50 points, or Doxology for 100 points.

25 points – Share a Story – Share a wellness story with Concordia Plan Services.

50 points – Weight Loss ProgramParticipate in and submit a receipt for an approved weight loss program, such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem.

Mix and match your activity choices to earn your $300! The even better news is that if your spouse is enrolled in CHP, he / she can earn $300, too. Also, your employer will earn the same amount that you earn as an extra special bonus.

If you are a Concordia Health Plan member, you are automatically enrolled and eligible to earn. Log in or create your new account at the Be Well, Serve Well site. Once you have earned points, you can redeem them for rewards such as Amazon gift cards, Visa check cards, or countless other gift card rewards.

This year, you can also earn another $50 in bonus opportunities – for a total of $350. There will be four seasonal bonuses, each one worth 25 points. You can complete any two, as long as they are reported within the specific time frame listed below.

Winter – January 1 to March 31 – Successfully maintain a daily journal for three consecutive weeks.

Spring – April 1 to June 30 – Participate in an organized walk / run event.

Summer – July 1 to August 31 – Give up fast food for three consecutive weeks.

Fall – September 1 to November 30 – Give up soda for three consecutive weeks. 

Remember, you can complete $300 for healthy choice activities as well as $50 in bonus activities. The program ends on November 30th. This is plenty of time, but I encourage you to get started now before the months slip away from us.

I’ve already completed one round of exercise, as well as my winter bonus. Now, I’m starting a second round of exercise, as well as a fruits and vegetable log. I also have a dentist appointment scheduled. If you are participating in the Be Well, Serve Well Rewards, what are you tracking right now?

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