Really the Last Trip of January…and Beginning February

I know I said last week that it was my final trip of January, but I made it back to Target for the pizza deal, so I need to include that in my totals. Here’s what I bought there for (truly) my final shopping trip of January.

Target - 1/31/13 - $11.07

I went to Target and picked up the 2 pizzas for $9, plus got 1 free with my B2G1 coupon. It was supposed to deduct $4.50, but the coupon ended up deducting $7.01 so I received overage on the pizza deal. That meant I spent $6.49 for 3 DiGiornio pizzas and a 2-liter of Coke. Whew! The deal was so good, I sent my husband back with another coupon, but the coupon deducted face value for him. Andy spent $9 on 3 pizzas and pop. Not as great, but still a very good deal.

I also picked up the Hormel tray for our Super Bowl party for $3.49. It was on sale for $9.49, and I stacked a printable $3/1 coupon with a $3/1 Target coupon. That was a great price for a quick appetizer.

The celery was $1.09 (with a Boxtop!), which I added to my veggie tray.

At Target, I spent $11.07. My husband spent $9 on his trip to Target. Together, we spent $20.07. This took my total for January to $184.93. I was under budget until these trips, but our freezer is stocked with pizza again.

Now, on to my shopping trips in February. I guess I was a little ambitious for our Super Bowl (St. Paul’s Championship party), that we had lots of leftovers. That was what we ate all week for our dinners. Seeing that on Sunday, I didn’t really shop this week. I do have a couple trips to share with you though, because I went to Kroger last Friday night to finish up the sales that I had missed.

Kroger - 2/1/13 - $25.58

Some of the deals were restocked so I made it work. Obviously, I did the Kleenex deal again and got another $2 catalina for my next purchase. The Diet Pepsi’s were free, and thanks to a blinkie coupon, that purchase also earned me $1 off the Doritos. I rarely get Doritos for $1.50, so that was nice.

The Pirate’s Booty was marked down to $1.39 so I gave it a try. It is really good! Have you ever tried this gluten free, all natural snack before? I recommend it.

The Suave deodorant was free. The Pace picante sauce was $0.99 a jar. The Craisins were $1 a bag. This was my best deal and one on which I obviously stocked up. I love snacking on Craisins and this is a price that I only see once a year or so at Kroger. I’ve already eaten one bag, so all those bags won’t last me until the next sale, but it will do.

At Kroger, I spent $25.58. I also had another dozen farm fresh eggs for $1.50.

On my way home, I also stopped by Walmart for some produce and some last minute party things. Here is what I bought.

Walmart - 2/1/13 - $10.23

I price-matched the milk to the Walgreens price of $2.69. The others were just last minute party things. I spent $10.23 at Walmart.

Finally, I stopped by Grabill Bulk Food to pick up some popcorn for a friend. While I was there, I picked up a couple things for us.

Grabill Country Sales - 2/4/13 - $10.20

My husband and I have been taking honey, at the recommendation of our doctor, to help build immunity against colds. So far, it seems to be helping! My husband bought the Fair Trade honey at Kroger for $7.99. I bought the same amount (and a little more) at Grabill Country Sales for $4.13. Plus, it’s local honey and I can bring my own jar next time to get it filled.

At Grabill Country Sales, I spent $10.20. I also have to add in the other honey at the price of $7.99.

Andy stopped by Meijer to pick up 2.5 pounds of ground beef. It was on sale for $2.99 a pound, and I had a $3 off coupon that was soon expiring. At Meijer, he spent $5.05.

This brings my totals for the week to $60.55. I didn’t think I shopped much this week, but apparently I did. It’s a good reminder of how quickly the little trips can add up! I still have $124.50 left to spend in February. I will do my best to spend it well! Is your February off to a good shopping start?


  1. Local honey is supposed to also be good into the Spring and Fall to help build up resistance to any seasonal allergies…

    • I know. I’ve always been meaning to buy it, but now that I’ve found out how reasonably priced our local honey is (and tasty, too!), I’m hooked. Delicious!

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