Baptized for This Moment

Today marks the conclusion of National Lutheran Schools Week. For the past week, teachers and students at the 2343 LCMS schools around the world have been celebrating our shared heritage of faith. Our theme for this year was Baptized for This Moment, taken from Acts 2:38-39.

Baptized For This Moment

I loved this focus because baptism is Christ’s command. Baptism is the work of the Holy Spirit when God writes His name on our hearts. Baptism is not a symbolical act. Baptism is how Christ forgives our sins and brings us to faith. Baptism, as 1 Peter explains, is what saves us.

1 Peter 3:21

This is one of the many blessings of being a Lutheran and teaching in a Lutheran school. I get to speak to the joy of baptism – and our faith in Christ – every single day. It’s not just me, though. Wherever you are, and whatever your vocation, may we all rejoice in our baptism daily!

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