A Busy and Productive Weekend Ahead

Hello, everyone. I thought about compiling my usual links, but a busy Lutheran Schools week left me with little online browsing time. You don’t mind if I ramble a bit, do you? I feel like catching up with you a bit.

Lutheran Schools Week was enjoyed by all, even though we kept it really low-key in preschool. We had a great week celebrating with Patriotic Day, Dress-Up Day, and my favorite Word Day. I dressed up as vintage this year, wearing a 1950s dress that I wore in high school when I was Mrs. MacAffee in Bye, Bye Birdie. Good memories.

I hurried home after school on Friday to meet my father-in-law. He was turning off our pilot lights so we could paint with some mold-resistant paint in our basement storage. Not necessarily a fun job, but a necessary one that we got done in an hour.

Then, I hurried back to school for our Family Book Fair Night. Andy had a basketball game to coach in which they pulled off a 1 point win. Way to go, Cadets! I didn’t finish at my school till the middle of the game, so decided to run some errands. Target and Kroger are much quieter late on a Friday night.

I picked up the Digornio pizza deal where that great deal turned fabulous. Why? My coupon deducted $7.01! That meant I paid $6.49 for 3 pizzas and a 2 liter of pop. My Mom said the same thing happened to her. I noticed the Dignorio coupon reset this month, so if you’re heading out today, stop by Target on the way. I might have my husband stop by on his way to his games today.

Buy 2 Large DIGIORNO Pizzas, Get any ONE free

I plan to spend today catching up on lots of laundry and working in our basement. We have lots of organizing and putting away all the things that I took out to paint. I need to be very productive today because we are hosting a Super Bowl party tomorrow.

Our Super Bowl party is a planned spontaneous party. It’s planned so I can get ready as I see fit. It’s spontaneous so my husband can invite people as he sees fit. This is how we have learned to accommodate one another! :-) It will probably be a lot of his fellow coaches and their families. It is a good excuse to host everyone. I need to finish planning menus and doing baking today, too.

On Sunday, we’ll split up for church again, as I have Sunday School music to lead at Ascension, and Andy’s basketball team is worshiping together at St. Paul’s. Then, it’s home to do whatever still needs to be done before company arrives.

Like I said, it’s been a busy week and it will be a busy weekend. I need it to be productive and I know it will be just as we make it. Thanks for letting me ramble a bit with you. I hope you have a weekend that is just as you need it, too!

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