Mule Team Borax Review and Giveaway


Update: This giveaway is now closed. 

It’s time for a new laundry review and giveaway! I forget how I started doing these reviews, but I thoroughly enjoy the chance to try new laundry products, as well as share them with you. I hope you enjoy them, too!

This time around, I received a heavy box from Purex – but it wasn’t a Purex product. This time, I was sent a box of 20 Mule Team Borax. I had previously seen it on the shelf, and I know my cousin uses it to clean her cloth diapers. Other than that, I had never used Borax so I was eager to do so.

Before I used it, I did it a bit of research. I learned that 20 Mule Team Borax is a 100% natural mineral. Once it’s removed from the ground, the borax is simply washed, dried and boxed. Absolutely nothing is added! No phosphates, chlorine, or other additive chemicals. That’s good to know.

Borax naturally softens hard water, which protects detergent – so it can maximize cleaning power. Basically, Borax serves as a laundry booster. So, you simply add 1/2 of Mule Team Borax to every load, right along with your regular detergent to help stains from being re-deposited back onto clothes.

After reading about it, I was now really eager to try Borax. I tossed a scoop in with a load of my white sheets and towels. It did act like a natural softener, and my whites seemed brighter than usual! I also noticed that there was a fresher smell. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but I sniffed all the clothes coming out of the washer, and there was a fresh smell – that wasn’t just my detergent. I’m giving credit to the Borax!

I used Borax with my whites and colors. All around, I was impressed. It was a natural way to get my clothes clean – and it was effective! I probably will continue to use it more so with my whites, but it did work with the colors. Oh, and we have a water softener, but I would still use the Borax to help with my laundry!

Do you want to try Borax for yourself? Well, you are in luck! Once again, I have 3 product coupons for a box of Borax to share with 3 of my readers. Simply leave a comment telling me if you already use Borax or if you want to give it a try. The giveaway will end on Friday, February 1st at 6pm.

Oh, and after you enter to win here, be sure you head over to enter the Borax Fresh Year, Fresher Laundry Sweepstakes on Facebook for another chance to win. They are giving away a $1500 grand prize as well as 171 coupons for Borax (total value: $2013, get it?).

Thanks for letting me share my laundry musings and discoveries with you. I hope whoever wins the Borax coupons will enjoy using this product as much as I.

As a Purex Insider, I received a free box of Borax to review. However, all of the the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I have never used Borax. I have heard people who make their own laundry detergent use it. I would try anything that might get that “unknown” stain out!

  2. I don’t use Borax currently, but I did use to use it in my diaper pails also. It was something passed down from our mothers. They must have known all the good qualities of Borax! I find it interesting that it is just a pure substance from the earth with no additives. I’m willing to add it to my laundry. Wouldn’t it be good with towels since you really aren’t supposed to use fabric softener with them?

  3. You know I already use Borax, but I think I may start using it for more household cleaning too! Aunt Nola gave me some suggestions yesterday on Facebook.

  4. Barb from CNY says:

    I would love to try 20 Mule Borax! I currently use an Oxy product for the same reason, or Clorox 2-when I can get it on sale-to help with my whites. Thanks for the idea to use this instead.

  5. I’ve used 20 Mule Team Borax before. I like how it freshens my kitchen towels and dog beds.

  6. I have never used 20 mule team borax, but would love to try it. We have a water softener, so I didn’t think that it would help with laundry, but would love to try it! I use oxy products to help boost the white wash.

  7. Linden Townhouse says:

    I have never this this product but would like to! We do not have a water softener, and our water tends to be hard. Please put my name in the hat!

  8. It has been years since I used borax. I, too, used it in my diaper pail. I would be willing to try in my laundry.

  9. I do not use borax and never have. I used to use a pink box of something when I did diapers 34 yrs. ago but can’t remember the name of it. It had a baby on the front of the box. Anyway, yes, I would like to try borax for my whites! (and Connie, I never heard of the rule not to use fabric softener on towels…why is that? I use Bounce. Does that include Bounce, too?)

    • Jolene,

      I have always heard that the dryer sheets leave a “Wax” on the towels and they don’t dry the body or dishes well. I have been using white vinegar in the rinse cycle of my washer. I think that works very well. No, the laundry doesn’t smell like vinegar either. Try it and see if you like it.

  10. I haven’t used it in my laundry yet, but my teacher friend just gave me a box of this that I was planning on using to make Gak and other craft projects with the kids. On the back of the box, there are tons of other cleaning uses for it, too. Maybe I’ll save some to do laundry with now! I like that it’s all natural.
    Liesl recently posted..January 2013

  11. I haven’t used Borax before but now that I have a new baby and am using cloth diapers, maybe I should give it a try!

  12. I have never used borax but would love to. We dont have a water softner and with 4 kids I am always scrubbing stains

  13. I use Borax in our laundry and to make dishwasher detergent

  14. Ooh, ooh! I’ve never used it but most of my friends do.

  15. I’ve never used Borax – and just learned about using it in my cloth diapers from your cousin’s post on facebook recently. :) I cloth diaper my 7m old daughter and am excited to try it out with her diapers. Thanks for the post and your review of the product!
    Sara recently posted..Dairy-Free Chocolate Chunk Vanilla Muffins with Cinnamon Crumb Topping

  16. Lisa Burger says:

    I have never used it, but we have hard water so I’d love to try it for all those baby stains.

  17. Bethany N-H says:

    I’ve been meaning to pick up borax to make my own laundry detergent!

  18. Michelle P says:

    Think of all the laundry detergent I could make!!! It would be wonderful!
    Just found your site and was strongly encouraged that you were so open about being Lutheran! Of course I am too, so happy we share the same beliefs!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! Lutherans really are a friendly bunch, so I’m glad to meet you. I hope you will continue to be encouraged by what I share. Have fun making laundry detergent. That is one project I have yet to try…but would like to someday.

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