Life Sunday

Formed in the Womb

Today is Life Sunday. It’s a day to remember and honor the Sanctity of Life because all life is precious!

My second through fourth graders are singing in early worship today. I chose today and our songs intentionally, because there is no better way to affirm life than to have children sing about the preciousness of life.

We’re singing “Lamb of God” and “Thy Word”. We’re also singing Stephen Starke’s beautiful “We Praise You and Acknowledge You.” I get tears in my eyes every time we sing this. We are also singing “God Knew Your Name” by Jim Likens.

“God Knew Your Name” is a beautiful pro-life song which sings of the beauty of life. It continues to repeat this important truth. “Before the light of day shined on your little face, God knew your name.”

I wish you could all hear my students sing. This has become one of their new favorite songs. Since most of you cannot, I encourage you to listen to the song and watch the “God Knew Your Name” video found here.

May this confidence that God knows your name, and the name of every unborn child, enable you to speak up for God’s children not yet born.


  1. I was blessed to have been at that service this morning and I, too, got tears in my eyes, listening to the children sing those songs. Very beautiful. As one of the speakers said yesterday at the March for Life rally, the 29 children who were murdered in Connecticut a few weeks ago was a terrible tragedy and people nationwide are mortified that happened. But why can’t those same people understand that approx. 900 MORE children were murdered that same day in the womb. Where is the outrage at that?

    • That is an excellent point and one that I had not thought to make. I pray that our nation will be awakened and outraged – because I believe God wants us to be on life issues.

  2. I’d forgotten about this song. Thanks for making me tear up again.
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