Foolishness of the Cross

Crown of Life Cross - 1 Corinthians 1:18

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I understand how confusing the cross can be. Let me explain.

I am reminded of a young boy, Cain, who was visiting my school in Ohio. When our principal took him on a tour of the school and entered the sanctuary, Cain pointed to the large cross and honestly asked, “What’s that?”

Cain had never seen a cross before. He didn’t go to church. He didn’t know why this was in our church. He didn’t know the importance of the cross.

Cain enrolled in our school, along with his sister Lydia. They moved after a bit, but it wasn’t long before they learned what the cross means – and why it is so important. And if you asked Cain about it, he could soon tell you. “That’s the cross where Jesus died because He loves me.”

Put like that, it is rather simple, isn’t it? Let’s remember that, especially when others are quick to deem the cross foolish. Most importantly, let’s keep telling and sharing so that others may learn how powerful the cross – and our Savior who died on the cross – truly is.

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