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I have a new favorite search engine – one this is earning me a $5 Amazon card every single month. Yes, you read that correctly. Just by searching, I am earning free Amazon money. What search engine is this? Bing.

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Here’s the scoop about Bing. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s worth the few minutes of my time.

Simply go to Bing, and start searching. Each 2 searches earn you a point, and you can earn 15 points a day. Each day, you can also click on various other promotions to earn other reward points.

525 credits will earn you a $5 Amazon gift card. 525 credits are enough for $5 Starbucks gift card, if that is more your cup of tea (or cofffee). 523 credits will get you a $5 Groupon card. That could be fun to spend, too! There are other rewards from which you can choose as well.

Also, if you search enough at Bing, you can move from Silver to Platinum to Gold status. Once you complete the offers to be a gold member (as I am), your redemption levels go now. At gold status, it only takes 475 credits for some of these same rewards. Basically, that means you are earning an extra $5 gift card every year for doing the same searches.

Simply go to Bing and start searching today. Make it part of your morning or evening routine. This is a very easy way to make a little extra something, because who wouldn’t like a free $60 a year to spend on whatever you desire?


  1. Are you still using Swagbucks and doing this in addition or are you doing this instead?

    • I use Swagbucks occasionally, but Bing has become more profitable for me. Lately, it seems that Swagbucks was taking me multiple searches before I would get anything. With Bing, I am guaranteed points for those first 15 searches. I think are a good source of extra income, and if you are still using Swagbucks, I’d encourage you to try Bing, too. It’s easy to do, and your Amazon gift cards could really add up!

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