Final Food Shopping in December

With parties and Christmas, I didn’t do too much extra shopping over the last weeks. I did make a trip to Meijer for last minute party things last week. At Meijer, here is what I bought there…plus a bottle of wine that didn’t make it in the picture somehow.

At Meijer, I spent $35.13 on everything pictured. The egg nog was a delicious party treat! I’m glad I decided to pick that up.

I picked up milk for $1.79 at CVS. I spent $8.55 on soda and drinks for parties at Walmart.

That brings my total for December to $164.04. I was $4.04 over budget, even without going shopping the last week or so. I’m going to analyze my grocery totals from 2012 and share them with you soon, as well as how I plan to budget my grocery money for 2013.

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