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I think my room is set up and ready for the upcoming year. I’ll have to show you pictures, soon. For now, I’m still gleaning ideas. Here are a couple of ideas that I really like.

I don’t have any magnetic surfaces in my new classroom, so this idea is a clever one. I looked at Walmart and found the pan, but it had embossed letters so I didn’t buy it. I’m going to keep looking for a plain one because this alphabet board is a great idea!

There’s a great tutorial for building a PVC Pipe Playhouse. What a great idea! I don’t have the saws, but I might ask my father-in-law to build me one of these…someday!

Now that I’ve been teaching 8 years (going on 9), my themes have really grown. I’m always looking for the best way to store them. Right now, I have things in files in my filing cabinet. I like this idea to store printable themes in packs.

This colorful play printable describes my whole philosophy on play. I want to print this and frame it for all my preschool parents to see!

Both of my classes are officially full so now that I have my class list, I’m going to use Wordle to make a class list that looks like this. I do wish I had access to a color printer, though. Oh well. It’s still a fun idea!

These are a couple of my classroom ideas that I still want to implement. Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Hi, Kristen! You might want to try the restaurant supply store on Coliseum just south of Lake for your pan. They have LOTS of fun things there!

    • Oh! That’s a good idea. Thanks, Lori! My latest thought is to buy a piece of sheet metal at Menards, and frame it or something, depending on the edges. I think that could work. I like magnet surfaces even more than white boards, so I need to figure out a creative (and frugal) way to make this work.

  2. And there’s always magnetic paint!

  3. Kristen,
    If you would like to email me the class list Wordle, I’ll print it for you if you would like. That way you can have one in color!

    • You are so sweet, Anna! Thanks for the offer. I ended up printing in various shades of grey and black, and mounted it on colored paper. It works for the hallway!

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