Saturday Stumbles on a Rainy Morning

I woke this morning to rain. I do love the sound of rain…especially when I can stay in bed for a bit and listen to it!

I have lots of thought-provoking stumbles to share with you today. I’ll be curious to hear what you think about some of these articles.

Christy from Thrifty and Thriving shared 12 Things You Can Do to Become More Self Reliant. I’m working on doing more canning as well as more cooking from scratch. My garden is all ready to be planted, too!

Keeping with this self reliant theme, Mandi shared 30 Pantry Staples to Cook from Scratch, as part of her 30 birthday series. I’ve recently made my own powdered sugar, so these are all handy tricks of the kitchen…and generally, frugal ones, too!

Jessica from Good Cheap Eats conducted a Grocery Audit of her shopping. There are a lot of good points in here about how to analyze how much you spend.

The Pioneer Woman shared her a few of her Favorite Kitchen Tools. Without a doubt, I agree that cookie scoops are absolutely invaluable! I may have to try using an offset spatula, too.

Nancy guest-posted at Money Saving Mom about How to Simplify Your Life and Save over $5000 a Year. I’ve been buying a lot more of my clothes second-hand, now that I’ve found a good thrift store in town. These are all good ideas because who doesn’t want to live a more simple life – and save money at the same time?

Finally, to sum it all up, this perfect quote from (In)courage.

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