Saturday Stumbles

Whew! What a week! We performed our musical this week – Malice in the Palace: The Story of Esther.

I had 97 kids on stage, from Kindergarten to Grade 8. It has been a busy couple of months, learning all our songs and choreography, but last night proved that it was worth it. It went well, and I am very proud of the kids. I am very tired – but still very proud and pleased!

I wasn’t too tired to browse a bit online. Here’s what I noticed this week.

The Dating Divas shared a cute Painted Stencil Monogram letter that I think anyone could make. Wouldn’t this make a cute wedding gift?

Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam shared her recipe for Egg and Cheese Puff: 5 Minute Delight. This looks like a simple and tasty breakfast treat.

Have you ever tried Pots de Creme a’l Orange? I haven’t but after seeing the Pioneer Woman’s pictures that accompany her recipe, I might have to try making a batch. I love that she served them in Ball jars too!

Denver Bargains shared her couponing habits in The Life Cycle of a Couponer. I had never thought about it in these terms, but now that I have, I’ve realized I have gone through couponing cycles, too. Perhaps I’ll have to reflect more about that in the future.

Kristen from The Frugal Girl shared how she Wisely Chooses Frugal Activities. I appreciated her criteria that a frugal activity must be efficient, effective and enjoyable.

Andrea at Simple Organized Living shared her recipe for Simple Almond Pound Cake. I love recipes that start with cake mixes!

And finally, because this makes the Kindergarten teacher in me laugh, I’ll leave you with this.


Doesn’t that make you smile? I’m linking to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci.


  1. I have to again let you know that both of us were so plese with the musical!!! It was wonderful, and the parts were perfect for the children that you picked! What a joy to see all of the children so talented!

  2. Ninety-seven kids! My hat is off to you! (We work with the kids at our church, too.)

    I could identify with that “Coupon cycle” article. I go through phases where I’m an avid coupon-er and other times when I’d rather go to Wal-Mart or Aldis and just buy everything all at once.

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