Stumbles from a Surprise Snow Day

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On Thursday morning, I awoke a little before 5 to a text message informing me we had a 2 hour delay. There was no snow but there was ice. My husband told me the roads were quite slippery when he was coming home the night before, so we reset our alarms and laid back down. Teachers will take those extra moments of sleep!

After enjoying sleeping in a bit, we sat and listened to the lists of closings. There were lots of them! Our school was still on a two-hour delay…until I was ready to head out the door. And so began our first snow day of the year! I did a lot of relaxing and a quite a bit of reading. I also stumbled around and have these things to share with you.

Heavenly Homemakers has a great list of 8 Ways to Feed Your Family Whole Foods on a Budget. The giveaway is over, but the list still has a lot of great practical ideas.

Katie has a thought-provoking article questioning Whether We Should Stock Up on Incandescent Light Bulbs. We already have several cases in our basement. Do you, or have you switched to the CFLs?

Jan at Just Imagine Heaven always has such great recipes! She has a new one for sweet potato fries that looks just like my favorites. I’d love it if I could duplicate the crispy crunch, so I am certainly going to try her tip of corn starch.

Andrea from Simple Organized Living is also full of great reminders. I loved her list of 10 Ways We Save Money By Using Less. I always use less detergent and we keep our heat low, especially at night. What do you use less of in your home?

I also discovered this copycat recipe for Lipton’s Soup Mix on We use it for a quick dip as well as seasoning, so I need to try this to see if it tastes as good as the original Lipton version.

Couponer that I am, I enjoyed the Dating Diva’s idea of a Coupon Date Night. It’s good to have time alone with our spouse, so why not save money doing so?

I do enjoy snow days! Did you read anything interesting this week?


  1. Yum – those Sweet Potato fries look so good! We have some light bulbs saved but not many. I wish I would have saved more. The new ones, despite being advertised as long lasting, just don’t seem to last long and my husband dislikes the light they give.

  2. Wow…who knew there was so much to consider about a lightbulb! Thanks for linking up Kristen!
    Staci Brown recently posted..Saturday Stumbles

  3. Chris Whirrett says:

    Jessica and I made baked sweet potato fries last week from a recipe she saw on Pinterest. We’ll have to try the corn starch for extra crunchiness! I think the main thing is just cutting them small enough and leaving enough room between them on the cookie sheet.

    • Point taken, brother-in-law! :-) It sounds like if combine our ideas to leave space, cut small AND use cornstarch, we could end up with a great sweet potato fry! Thanks for taking time to stop by my humble website.

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