CHRISTmas Tour 2011

One of the highlights of our CHRISTmas season when I was growing up was our Epiphany Open House. Yes, Epiphany is the 12th day of CHRISTmas, so it still counts! On that day, we’d invite the entire church over to our home. (My Dad’s a pastor, in case you didn’t know!) We would bake with Mom for weeks, getting all sorts of delicious treats ready. Of course, the house looked wonderful as well, with all our CHRISTmas decorations out and about.

Andy and I don’t invite the whole church over to our house, but I’d like to invite you over for a virtual visit. Let me show you how our home looks this CHRISTmas!

When you walk into our entrance room, you’ll see that I try to decorate simply and with touches of the season everywhere. Our entertainment center is the only display space in the room so I put two of my favorite nativities out here.

Then, you go up a step and into our more formal room. It’s my favorite place to be during Christmas, because when the tree is lit, this is what you see!

With our big picture window, it’s also a wonderful view for others to enjoy from the the outside!

I love to read on our coach by the light of the CHRISTmas lights! Our ornaments (like I showed last year) are a variety of ornaments that are special to us.

I decided to group my angel decorations together this year. These are some of the angels that my students have given to me over the years. This year, they are arranged together on a table.

Still in this long room is my favorite corner. My favorite corner is our fireplace. I don’t have a mantle so I simply decorated the ledge. Our stockings are hung on the edge of the fireplace and our old school desk is decorated too.

My husband and I are both school teachers so I love this old find! On it, I displayed my favorite CHRISTmas book – Mary’s First CHRISTmas by Walter Wangerin. It’s breathtaking – both the story and the illustrations.

If you look closer at the fireplace, you’ll notice that I have two nativities tucked among the garland. My husband and I collect unique nativities. When I saw this one (on various blogs) from Dayspring, I knew it was the one I wanted to add to our collection this year. It’s made from tin over tall pillars. When it’s not CHRISTmas, I can even remove the tin to use just the pillars. For now, I’m enjoying it. Isn’t it lovely?

I have lots of other decorations hung on doorknobs and displayed on window ledges. There are too many little glimpses to capture in pictures. These are the highlights of our CHRISTmas decorations.

Also, since I’ve shared my favorite decorated spot, what is yours?

Thanks for stopping by! It’s not quite the same as our Epiphany Open House but for now, this will do!

Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family!

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