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It’s Grabill Fair Weekend and I’ve made it to the fair both nights so far. I’ll head back today when my Grandparents and Uncle arrive from Ohio. (Yes, it’s that fun!) I love walking around and seeing who we know.

We like to try a new food (hot cheese curds are deliciously gooey and I’ve never seen pork tenderloin the size of the ones at the fair!)  but then come home to eat. I try to have quick snacks ready so we can eat whenever we make it home.

Last night, we had friends and students over from my husband’s school. This is what I had ready to eat while we played Monopoly Deal. Thanks, Dad, for teaching us how addicting this game can be!

Chips and homemade salsa are a given, with all that I canned. I also made the chili cheese dip recipe that my friend Tonya gave me. It’s simple and one of my husband’s favorites. Here’s a similar link for Chili Cheese Dip on All Recipes, except that I layer jalepenos or chilis in on top of the cream cheese.

I also had veggies with my Grandma’s Dill dip recipe. Yum! I had rolled and wrapped a batch of Tortilla Pinwheels to slice when I came home. I used cheese and olives this time around.

Of course, no snack night is complete without a sweet treat…or two. I made the easy and delicious No-Bake Cookies. Every since we cooked this with Mrs. Eickstead in second grade, it’s been a stand-by recipe for a really easy quick treat.

My new favorite sweet treat is these S’Mores Cups. They taste just like S’Mores but you can make them in advance without the hassle of a fire! It’s a new recipe of which my husband approves – and has already requested again.

S'More Cups

Those are a couple of the snacks I prepared. It’s nicest when everything is ready before your company arrives so I only have to put it out. I learned that trick from my always prepared and gracious Mom!

Now, it’s time to go get ready for the last day of our Fair! I’m looking forward to really browsing the craft booths today.


  1. Oh, I love the fair, too! And once again you’ve stumbled some delicious food :) Thanks for linking up Kristen!
    Staci Brown recently posted..Saturday Stumbles

  2. Anna Ratzburg says:

    Thank you for our guided tour of the fair! I had not been in a lot of years and we had a good time. Thank you also for the no bake cookies. I love them and had not had them for a long time also. Great memories!

  3. Hey Kristen, We make the same no bake cookies only we call them “summer cookies.” My Grandma made them back in the day when they didn’t have air conditioning and they made these so they didn’t have to turn on the oven and heat up the house. They are so yummy!

    • I’ve never heard them called that, Jill, but it makes sense! Whatever we call them, they are simple and delicious, especially for a quick chocolate fix!

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