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Oh, it felt good to sleep in a bit, after a busy first week at school! It was a great first week – maybe one of my smoothest ever. Still, it was exhausting.

As I look through my stumbles from this week, I discovered that they all had a practical theme.

Jessica from Life as Mom shared about Learning to Mix and Match in Your Wardrobe. It started with the idea that she wanted to be able to mix and match her clothes so she could truly wear everything in her closet. Wouldn’t this be nice? I’m going to start really thinking more about adapting this idea to my closet.

Jen from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam had a great idea for Draining Ground Beef. I’m certainly going to try this one!

The Prudent Homemaker has an inspiring article about the time her family was Living on Our Food Storage. It’s a great reminder that everyone can and should stockpile – even if it’s only $5 a month with which you can do so.

Kristen from the Frugal Girl has 5 Tips for Beating Frugal Burnout. We all have those moments and this was great encouragement. Remember, it’s normal to burnout but keep persevering because it’s good to be frugal!

Ruth from Living Well, Spending Less has an encouraging article on the lessons she learned at the Becoming conference. I didn’t go but would have loved to, especially reading this about Becoming Who I Want to Be. Great lessons!


  1. Kristen – so glad to hear your first week went so good! Hopefully the rest of the year will go as smoothly. And you’ve totally inspired me to start thinking about going through my closet. I know I don’t wear near as much of the stuff in there that I should!!
    Staci Brown recently posted..Saturday Stumbles

    • Ditto, Stacey! It’s always good to clean things out and know that I really wear everything in my closet. Of course, that makes me wonder why I bought those clothes in the first place, if I don’t wear them! Enjoy the rest of your weekend before another school week begins again!

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