A Cooler Week of Stumbling

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Well, it was a bit cooler this week! It was cool enough that I actually finished painting trim in our breezeway. Now, if I can just get the doors finished soon, we’ll be all done painting in one more room. During the hot parts of my days, I spent time online, catching up with my blog reading. I read a lot of great articles this week.

Mandi from Life…Your Way reposted her article about Battling the Urge to Keep Up with the Jones. I loved it the first time I read it and I loved it again. It is true that we shouldn’t do (or buy) things just to keep up with our neighbors.

Katie from Marriage Confessions wrote a lovely piece entitled In Our House. Marriage Confessions is one of those blogs I love reading because she is honest about life in their house – and tells stories that always make me laugh.

Kristen from The Frugal Girl shared How (and Why!) We Do Takeout Date Nights. I love this idea! I’m keeping this idea in mind for the future.

Dr. Gene Veith wrote a great article in the Lutheran Witness about Marriage: Obsolete or Misunderstood. There are some shocking statistics including that 60 percent of Americans now believe it is morally acceptable to have sex before marriage. 40 percent of Americans believe marriage is obsolete. Dr. Veith’s commentary is insightful, Biblical and exactly what our society needs to hear.

Jessica from Good, Cheap Eats asked How Do You Serve Dinner? I had never really thought about whether plating meals or serving family style. Jessica made me really think about it.

Katie shared at Life…Your Way about how and why she buys American with Made In the USA. This is something my husband is teaching me to value. I appreciated the resources Katie shared in this article.

Finally, I had found this recipe at Pennies on a Platter for Buffalo Chicken Bites. I made it this week as one of my new recipes. Quite delicious! I love that you can make them ahead of time and freeze them, too. This might become one of my new appetizer stand-bys.

Those are my stumbles for the week. Did you stumble across anything interesting?


  1. Love your variety of stumbles! I’ve never really thought about how I serve dinner but growing up we did buffet style. Thanks for linking up!

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