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I am a firm believer that using coupons can save you money! I talked more about how to coupon in my coupon series. Once you’ve decided to use coupons, the next question comes in how to organize your coupons. There are many options so you just need to choose the one that is right for you!

I use the box and file system. I shared pictures of my coupon box here.

Andrea at Simple Organized Living shares pictures of her coupon file and her organization system in this post.

Crystal at Money Saving Mom uses the basic envelope method and shares about her coupon organization here.

Some like to use a binder to organize coupons. I am intrigued by this system. Erin at $5 Dinners has some great pictures of her coupon binder here.

I find it interesting to look at our other people’s coupon organization systems. Does that prove that I’m truly a couponing nerd? I hope you enjoy the look through other coupon systems. I hope it provides you with some inspiration to get organized so you can start saving more money!


  1. Oh I just love coupons and I love organization! Thanks for including my ideas and for sharing the ideas of other organized coupon-aholics!!

    I honestly save SO much more due to the fact that my coupons are neatly organized when I’m making my grocery list each week — it’s definitely worth the cost of my $5 coupon organizer!

    • I agree, Andrea! Coupons are certainly worth my time for the money I save. I’m glad I’m not the only coupon geek who enjoys organized coupon boxes!

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